We live by the saying; See the world, look after yourself and enjoy the little things.




All we want to do is travel the world and take you guys with us! We're not the most organised travel couple so we always have a funny adventure story to tell; as well as showing you what not to do while travelling! Join us in our travel series to feel like you're right there with us!



Coffee is a huge part of our lives as we're both major coffee addicts! Cole knows everything there is to know about coffee and April likes to think she's alright on her bean knowledge although her latte art needs work (lots of work!). Explore our love of coffee through our coffee series teaching you the differences between coffee and what makes a great independent coffee shop.



2018 is the year it happens!.. That's right, we're finally going to tone up and get the bodies reserved for super models and fake Instagram accounts! We begin this fitness journey with no idea what we're doing so learn with us while we make the mistakes so you don't have to make. Time to get our six pack on.. (six pack of beer right?..)


April, May, June, July?

Howdy! I’m April, and no my name doesn't change depending what month of the year it is! I’m all about living life to the max, enjoying each day and making sure I’m doing what I love! I’m a story teller at heart and love to write, so I apologise if my blog posts get a little personal… I’ve had my fair share of life disasters so I feel pretty qualified to share my experience with you guys! I like to stay positive through anything the universe throws at me which is easy with Cole standing by my side.


Cole In The Hole?

Sup! Cole here! Adventure having, longboard riding, laid back moron. I like to take life slow and easy. Enjoying the simple things as they come and go and really making the most of each and every day. Life’s been rough, life is rough, but I’ve learned a thing or two about how to take those bad situations and turn them into positive ones. I’d like to share how to do that with you guys too!

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