what’s OURVIBES?

Clothes for the travelers who rough it

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Traveling in style

I like to think I bring the style to OurVibes, looking cool no matter what I’m doing; even if I am roughing it cross country and haven’t showered in a couple days! It’s all about the journey for me and nothing makes me happier than sharing our tales of misadventure on the blog. Although I aspire to be more like Cole with his chilled out personality, I’m defo the stressed out one, working myself to the ground and not realising what my limits are until I’ve hit them. My ambition is to inspire other people to be confident in themselves and do what makes them happy and every day I try to be that version of myself too.

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Travelling in comfort

I tend to never wear anything I couldn’t easily fall asleep in, that’s how soft I like my clothes to be. After backpacking through Europe I quickly realised that I wished I’d had clothing that was super comfortable, but also looked good enough to go anywhere in… not just to bed. My outlook on life is; you should always be comfortable, because how can you try new things and step out your comfort zone if you don’t know where the comfort zone is? I am currently working on applying this concept to body confidence and positivity. I feel like no gender should be bound by the clothes society has decided we should wear. I aim to create clothes anyone can wear, but equally I aim to encourage dudes that they can look pretty, and girls can look macho, confidently.

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