IMG_5814 Yo! Welcome to Our Vibes ya'll! April here to check you in on what 'Our Vibes' is all about.

We set this blog up about a month ago (I know we've done great at posting haha), but after a lot of filming, editing, writing and stressing; we're finally ready to begin our official launch.


As you can read in our little bio, Our Vibes is a place where me and Bubba give relationship, life or general advice on topics we've had personal experiences with, and feel qualified enough to talk about. Our main place to address these topics will be our Youtube channel, Our Vibes| Youtube , where we will be posting weekly videos. Of course we'll always post a matching blog post to address these issues in more depth on here, as well as regular posts on our every day shenanigans! So you can choose to watch our ugly mugs or save your eye sight and read our blog instead, (or both.. you know, treat yo self!). Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 19.52.10

As well as posting during the week, we are available to contact at any time (because we have lives..) so we can answer any questions you guys have. Kind of like an agony aunt couple, working together to give you the best advice. We're hoping we can grow a wee community of life warriors on here so you guys can give each other advice as well as me and Cole.

Aaaaanyway! I feel like I've been rambling for days so without further adue, welcome to Our Vibes! Grab a seat, hit that subscribe button and fasten yourself in for a fun filled week with us! :D

See you guys real soon!

April xx

P.S check out the cheeky welcome video to Our Vibes if you want to see our beautiful faces ;)