How to cope with working different hours to your partner

Well howdy! Happy Friday, and welcome to the first of many Friday posts! April here to impart to wisdom and also get some feelings off my chest. Sit back and enjoy the ride! (I wrote half of this last night while my emotions were running high so bare with me)

I'm currently writing this on a train home from work, it's coming up to nine o'clock and after changing onto another train in ten minutes I won't be getting home until just after ten...

I work stupid hours and sometimes (all the time) it gets to me. Regardless of the type of day I've had, when I get home at ten or eleven and only get to spend 20 minutes of a rushed dinner with Cole it upsets me.

I'm living in this temporary state where I don't get to see much of him and that's why I'm writing this post. Many couples are unfortunate like me and Cole to have different shift patterns. It can put a strain on the relationship as you're not spending any time together and any spare time you do have you only want to spend in each other's company.


I'm no expert on living like this! I hate it and I'm really glad that this is a temporary situation because I'm not sure I could hack living like this indefinitely... however I do have a few tips that are helping me get through my weekdays!

  • The little things

Cole has usually left by the time I get up in the morning so I like to leave post it notes around the house for him, for when he gets home, just so he knows I'm thinking about him even though I'm working. Equally Cole looks after me when I get back from work, whether it's surprising me with a candle lit bath or just cooking me food, It's something to look forward to after a long day.

  • Positive thinking!


In the morning (and sometimes throughout the day) I like to think of a list of positive things to keep me going. It can be anything from the fact that the sun is out or that there's only one more day till Saturday! No matter how terrible the day seems once you've thought of a few positives, things don't seem so bad!

  • The importance of chill

I feel like this is a subject we're going to talk a lot about so I'll keep it brief! Myself and Cole have heaps of work to do at the weekends but finding a morning to sit in your underwear and watch bad movies is good for the soul! Spending some quality time together relaxing can make the weeks work seem worth while.

  • Antisocial media

So I don't often say go on Facebook more.. but.. go on Facebook more! Haha one way which I get through my day is sending Cole stupid pictures of myself and reviving the same back. No you can't physically be with them at work but you can be with them digitally! ;)


I guess my last nugget of advice would be; if you hate working a different shift pattern to your partner then work out what's more important to you, your work or spending time with your significant other... I'm not telling you to quit your job and be a full time romantic, I'm just saying life is too short to be unhappy and there's always another solution even if it's not obvious at first.

If you have any experience with working different hours to your partner we would love to hear how you cope in the comments below!

As always if you need any advice or have questions for myself and Cole feel free to contact us directly and ask Get In Touch!

Thanks for spending some time and reading, see you Monday for the next one!


Peace and love xx

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