Get Offline


"Surely you mean online, right Cole?" No. You are wrong. I am right. Listen to me.

Don't worry I ain't that arrogant haha! This is just something that has a HUGE impact on Beeha and my relationship. SO FREAKING MANY couples these days have issues, and the sad truth is I'm sure a lot of the issues come from the online world that is social media.

Every time I am online (which isn't often unless it's work or OurVibes) I have a quick scroll through the usual platforms. Bookface, Twat-er, MeTube and all the other ones you young'ins are using these days. The re-occurring thing that I always see on my endless scrolling journeys are someone complaining about their other half.

"Can't believe josh! He has a snapchat streak with that BOOT of 54, he only has 13 with me #Whereisthelove"

Perhaps Joshy-boy wouldn't have a streak if he spent less time on his phone and more time enjoying life with you or doing something productive. Equally, perhaps your relationship would be working better if you ... oh I dunno... Spoke with Josh about this, instead of running to Twitter to bitch?

So many couples develop trust issues thanks to social media. ITS JUST A FACT! .. Okay its not a "fact" but it might as well be.

Me N Beeha

Myself and Beeha spend very little time online unless we are working. We don't bother with Netflix or binging Youtube. Occasionally we will catch up on some subscribers content, but we both understand that too much time online is unhealthy. If we want to watch a film we walk round charity shops looking for it and normally find a few other hidden gems. It's things like this that keep us healthy not just as a couple but generally too. Staying offline and being surrounded by other people while having proper conversations is a much better way to live than sitting online.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 20.32.26

"But Cole, why go through all that effort when you can find films online?"

Because young Padawan (or however you spell it) people are creatures of habit. Sitting in the house online becomes addictive and makes you lazy. This laziness is hard to combat and so you end up in a vicious cycle stuck indoors looking for the next thing to watch.

Mental Health Aspect

They say that depression and anxiety are increasing more and more and I believe it's 100% because nobody goes outside anymore (I know, touchy topic so let me be very clear) NO, I do not think you can cure mental illness by going outside, thats silly. I do think however that sitting in the house online all day DOESN'T HELP! The internet and especially social media are FILLED with negative imagery and news. Paying attention to it is irrelevant. All it takes is to glance at another sad headline to lower your spirits. I believe fewer people would suffer mental illness as badly if they legitimately stayed offline and made a conscious effort to go out side and explore the world around them instead of the online world. I once read a thing that said Humans naturally produce negative energy and the earth produces positive. It said Humans are meant to be outside with their feet on the floor to absorb that positive energy. Thats why all the hippies are such positive happy people. Now I don't know if there's any science to this but I do know I always feel 100% happier sitting outside or being outdoors, and far more negative if I'm sat inside all day.

Conclusion I guess

The simple fact of the matter is, strong communication with your partner is how you are going to deal with issues. And limiting your time online will help prevent issues. Especially ones like jealousy and suspicion.

On the rare occasion me and Beeha have a disagreement we don't turn to the internet for comfort. We go a walk or a drive and talk about what's bothering us. We come to some resolution and go back home as lovey dovey as ever. Any time we spend online we make sure not to endlessly scroll, and if we want to binge a TV show or films we go hunting for it to make it more fun. It's not rocket science. If you love who you are with you should want to spend time with them and fix problems. Not jump to the internet to complain and rant.

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