Top 5 Budget Travel Tips!


So as many of you know me and Cole set off on our European adventure this week!

Even though we've only been traveling for a couple days we've already made some rookie mistakes and learned from them to improve our backpacking skills! So if you're about to go traveling or just curious,  this is a few things you should know before you go!


Be prepared! Traveling can be stressful so making sure you're as prepared as possible can help reduce that. Even if it's little things you do like checking into flights online or writing up lists of things you're taking with you; these are things future you will be very grateful for.


pack wisely! Me and Cole sort of fucked up packing by a) not being prepared and b) not having a shread of common sense between us haha! For example if you're staying at hostels you're going to need a towel and shower gel... it's better to take these things with you rather than waste your traveling funds on overpriced nessesities locals are selling. Before you go, think logically about what you're going to need, even research online other people's traveling itanarys... here are some of the things we forgot and had to buy;

  • Towels
  • Shower gel/ shampoo
  • Padlock for lockers in hostel
  • Enough clothes for a week...
  • Hairbrush
  • A brain


Know where you're going! Okay super hypercritical for us to say this but bare with me haha. Of course you don't have to plan every aspect of your journey, that's part of what makes traveling fun! But if you know a place you're going to, make sure you're clued up on where you'll be arriving and how you can get to the central part of the city/ place you're staying. For us we had no clue how to get from the airport to the hostel so we ended up walking for a good two hours with our heavy backpacks searching for it. If we had looked into it before hand we would have found an easy metro journey to the hostel for cheap.


You're not a tourist! You're a traveler and you're not here to spend all your money in the one place. I know it's easier to eat and shop in the main parts of town but usually if you walk just a few streets away from the Main Street you'll find where the locals eat... at a much cheaper rate. 😉


The internet is your best friend! Nowadays there are so many apps to help travelers get around and stay places cheaper. These have been our favourites so far:

A really handy app where you can connect with people around the world who will open their homes to you free of charge. We were only going to spend a few days in Brussels but because of two kind hosts we are now staying for almost a week for free. You also have a local to show you around and take you to the best places 😉 a great app we highly recommend for anyone going budget traveling!

Although we haven't used this one yet, it's a handy app to have for getting around places cheaply. It's essentially online hitchhiking where you can meet people doing journeys willing to take you there as well provided you pay for part of the petrol costs.

An awesome website to compare flights so you can find the cheapest company to fly with! We managed to find a flight from London to Barcelona for £20 through them so it's well worth a look!



That's your lot for now although we'll probably learn a lot more as we go and make another blog post letting you in on all the silly mistakes we make! For now, follow this blog for more travel advice and don't forget to go over and follow us on insta! We're posting a lot of content up there so you can keep up to date on our adventure 😁

Don't forget if you have any questions or advice for us you can contact us directly here Get In Touch!

Thanks for reading, let us know in the comments any travel tips you have because we could really use them 😉 haha

Stay chill