Our European Adventure! Chapter One


So it's been a hectic build up to us leaving for Europe, mainly down to us working too much to prepare properly. Due to leave on Tuesday evening we were still clearing out the old flat and packing all out belongs into an attic that morning... as you can image Tuesday was a stressful day! Luckily we managed to get everything done and packed in time to drive down to Cole's Dads house, who kindly drove us to the bus station. Soon we were off on our adventure starting the long 4 and half hour bus journey to Manchester. Once there is was a quick dash through security and onto the flight to Barcelona!


Barcelona was amazing! Although if you're backpacking around Europe I'm not sure I would advise you to go.. on our first day we spent near enough €100 as it's all to easy to get wrapped up in the holiday vibe of the place. A fab destination to kick back and relax at but defo not a budget friendly stop.

It was only a two day stop in the sunny city before we were trekking back to the airport with our huge bags mounted to our backs. This is where the nightmare began... we are probably the most unprepared people on the planet so there's a list of all the things that began to go wrong in quick succession..

  • We never packed a towel so after checking out the hostel we went off and bought a cheap one to share.. then while we collected our bags from the hostel that night, we snuck back in to use the showers, having to camp in the hallway while each other showered as we only had the one towel.. idiots! Oh and I forgot to mention... we didn't buy any soap to shower with so we still stunk after washing!
  • We got completely lost in Barcelona trying to find the right train to the airport! No one at the train station could seem to understand or help us. After half an hour of wandering around like headless chickens we took a risk and jumped onto a train.. luckily is was the right one.
  • Then we made friends with a man on the train... who decided to follow us all the way to the airport.... not creepy at all..
  • After ditching the dude at 11pm-ish we found a nice comfy space on the horrid cold floor of the airport and get a nice number of 0 hours of sleep before going through security and arriving at the gates for 4am

  • With a few minutes of sleep under our belt we rushed to a gate which we thought to be our next flight.. unfortunately it wasn't and we ended up having the join the very back of our own cue. First at the airport and last in line, good job pleb ends!
  • After a restless two hour flight we touched down in Brussels at 9am...


Completely exhausted and stinky we definitely weren't in the mood for any city exploring. This was our downfall as we jumped into the first cafe we came across. We ended up spending a lot of money, although the carrot soup we ate defo made up for it! After falling asleep in the cafe a few times we decided to find somewhere we could sleep without being asked to leave! We made our way to a park under the gloomy sky and fell asleep under a canopy of browning leaves. Although we didn't have the best sleep there, lying on the forest floor was the chill we needed after the night we'd had.

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.06.26

Now I'm sure you're asking why we didn't just check into a hotel and sleep?.. well we are staying with a lovely couple in Brussels who were working all day so could only meet us later on in the evening. As we said in the last blog, (link here) couch surfing is a great way to save money on accommodation while traveling so that's what we're doing in most of the places we're going.

Luckily Celine (our amazing host) offered to come and pick us and up and take us back to her house. So after a long day of wandering the city like a zombie we finally made it to a lovely clean and cosy house!

Screen Shot 2017-10-02 at 11.22.43

Snuggling into a nice bed, showered and smelling fresh was the best feeling in the world!

Wrap up of the day 

Now the reason we're sharing this part of our journey with you is because a lot of travel bloggers will leave out the gritty reality of backpacking. Sometimes it is difficult and you have just as many down days as you would at home. Someone once told me that even if you live a life full of highs you'll always experience the lowest of lows as well. Life is all about equilibrium and to balance out the good times you must also have bad times. This is the yin and yang nature of life.

Thanks for reading instalment one of our European adventure! If you want to see what our lives we like before leaving and the struggles we faced we made a video just for you that you can see here by clicking the image below!

OV 1

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April and Cole