Our European Adventure - Chapter Two

So last time we spoke we had just arrived at our first couch surfing hosts house! (If you haven't read chapter one you can find it here Our European Adventure! Chapter One) Celine was an awesome host! Telling us where in the city we should look around and what place served the best coffee.


Saturday morning we set off on our adventure into Brussels hoping not to spend quite as much Euro our second time there! We found a much cheaper part of town around Place Poelaert where we ended up buying a few warmer jumpers at the kilo vintage shop. In an effort to save money we bought €5 worth of pastries from Lidl for lunch and sat in a office door way watching the rain. After seeing most of the free tourist sites and hitting 'Brussels best coffee house' (it was pretty poor) we headed back to Celine's house! Not before making friends with a drunk man on the train who spoke no English, kind fellow even gave us a free beer!

Once back at Celine's we were seated quickly and given legit the best soup I've ever tasted! And after Cole spoke about his bad cough and sore throat Celine whipped up some fresh mint tea and plonked us down in front of the TV to watch 'love in the field' which she kindly translated for us as we watched. It's basically about farmers looking for love; soooo good! Hahaha!


Celine had told us about a charity horse ride she was participating in that day, so we changed our plans from going back into Brussels to helping support the cause and doing a 5km around her village!

On arrival we sheepishly asked the staff if we could do the 5km and got a shocked response as to how we had even found out about the event. Once we had maps in hand we set off through the country lanes on our epic short 5km walk....

Now the way this walk worked was the 5km was a short cut for the 10km so pretty soon we approached the cut off that began the 10km. Being the cocky punks we are, we decided that 5km was too easy so we headed onto the 10km instead!

During our trek to the next cut off (which began the 16km) we;

  • climbed a huge stack of logs
  • Played with some new beetle friends 


  • Said bonjour to literally anyone who passed us
  • Explored an abandoned hotel

IMG_7451 Finally we came to the cut off and decided, 'you know what! 10km is too easy!' And so we took the 16km path, high fiving and feeling pretty damn good!... this was a big mistake.

After the first hour of walking we had stopped taking pictures of the cool things around us. After the second hour we had stopped greeting passers by. By the three hour mark we had lost all hope of seeing Celine or the BBQ which waited for us at the finish line...

After five hours, four wild pees, one restaurant jobby and a sketchy wild tampon change we made it back... the staff we're so relieved to see us clearly worried how much bad press they would get if they had to send out a search and rescue party to collect two stupid UK tourist on a 5km walk! We explain ourselves and celebrated our victory with a stack of food before exhaustedly tracking down Celine and her horse, Tim.

Horse 1

We helped look after Tim while Celine cleaned her riding equipment  which is when Cole realised he was allergic to horses.. I don't worry about Cole a lot, mainly because he's always doing something stupid and it would be exhausting worrying all the time.. however this time I was worried! His eyes were so red and swollen and with his cough rattling through his throat he was looking in pretty bad shape. The wonderful Celine made us soup and a pot of herbal tea for curing sore throats before we showered and hit the hay early in hopes it would cure Coles mankiness!

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 18.08.29


7am and we were up, dressed and ready to be dropped at the station. We headed back into Brussels in search of a proper cup of coffee which we once again couldn't find. After a day of wandering and bumping into Richard Ayoade

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 18.08.18

we decided we were somewhat bored of the city and were relieved our new host lived closer to Antwerp. 

[wpvideo c3TKNtay] We arrived at Kristine's house to find another couch surfer already there. She was from Finland and had so many funny stories to tell. We had a great evening exchanging stories, eating a lovely home cooked meal and accepting beer after beer; before realising Belgium beers are slightly strong than what we are used to and we had probably had three to many!

We bid goodnight to each other and were shown to our room. On first look we were impressed and excited to slip under the covers, on closer inspection we realised not everything was quite as nice as it seemed... our pillows were covered in a suspicious white substance and in my drunken state the only description I had for it was Gordon Ramsey's voice saying, 'a collage of seamen'. We were tired and too drunk to care.. we put a cushion on top of the pillow and spent our first night in the cum bed.


We traveled into Antwerp and had a day of skating and drinking good coffee.

IMG_7398 We talked about our situation and what we should do about the bed. We decided we would stay one more night then head to the airport to sleep at the next day. We both had a bad vibe about where we were staying as something felt slightly off.. we ate at a local take away that night with Kristine and then made a quick get away to bed. We both felt as if our welcome had run out and were feeling pretty okay about roughing it in an airport again.


After writing a thank you, but we're leaving note for our host we made a hasty exit to the airport. Coles cough had become a full blown chest infection and I was beginning to feel pretty rough with a sore throat and fever. We found the comfiest sofa the airport had to offer and set up camp for the night...


We were awoken at 3am by the cafe next to us opening; from then on all you could hear was the sound of coffee being made... at around 6:45am we were woken again by a small child screaming in our faces. We decided that sleeping was no longer an option and sitting bleary eyed waiting for our gate number to be announced was the only option we had. Soon we were at the gate (last in line again of course) and up in the air..

next stop, Berlin.

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April and Cole!  x