Top 5 Tips - Barcelona on a Budget! 


After our quick pit stop in the sunny city of Barcelona we decided we could have used a few tips while we were there.. so we're writing them up for you instead, so you don't make the same mistakes we made!

  • Tip one - public transport nightmare!

When we first arrived into the airport we had absolutely no clue where we were going as nothing was sign posted in English! The people in the train stations also couldn't speak English or refused to help so you're pretty much on your own to find your way.

Make sure you research your route to the city before you leave as you can avoid confusion and getting stuck at the back of a queue. Have data on your phone as you might have to rely on this to find your way through the metro system. And although public transport is affordable, it's confusing. So bare that in mind before you set out on a rail adventure.

  • Tip two - tourist trap!

Barcelona is a notorious holiday destination so of course all the shop owners will take advantage of that! Wether they have expensive prices to begin with or they bump up their prices when they realise you're a tourist it can be difficult to not to spend a fortune!


If you're on a budget don't get swept up in the holiday vibe of the place; instead think like a local. Even walking two streets behind the main streets you'll start to find where the locals eat and drink which is considerably cheaper! Haggling is also an option if you're at a smaller drink/ food stand. Sometimes not accepting the price they're asking for can save you a lot of money.

  • Tip three - choose your eatery carefully

Hygiene standards in Barcelona aren't monitored as closely as they are in the U.K causing Spain to be the highest rated place for brits to suffer food poisoning while on holiday.


Some tips to avoid falling ill would be;

  • only eat/drink at places you think look clean and hygienic.
  • Avoid ice in your drinks
  • Drink only bottled water
  • Search online for a hygiene rating for the restaurant you're thinking about visiting
  • Ask locals/ hotel and hostel staff good places to eat.


  • Tip four - pack your essentials!

We went to Barcelona at one of its colder seasons.. it was still roasting and sunny.

Regardless of what time of year you're going I would still highly recommend packing sun cream and a hat to combat the sun.

  • Tip five - researching the news before going 

(Obviously this only applies to people booking tickets to Barcelona last minute)

At the moment Barcelona is not a place you should be visiting with tensions so high involving the independence vote. Cole and I were very lucky in the fact that we only saw the beginning of the riots and protests before leaving. I can tell you, standing on a train cramp packed with locals chanting the same thing was more than a little terrifying. If you're backpacking around deciding last minute where your next stop should be, look into the news of Barcelona/Spain before deciding  to visit.

Well that's your lot for today folks! Hope you enjoyed and you've found this somewhat helpful. Don't forget to leave a cheeky like and comment if you enjoyed reading this.

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See you in the next place!

Peace and love

April and Cole


P.s is anyone else wandering Europe this month?