Our European Adventure! Chapter Three

Last time I wrote (last chapter here) me and Cole were hundreds of miles above the Earth hurtling our way towards Berlin. We touched down on German soil Thursday morning, ready to start the next part of our adventure!


After having very little sleep in the airport the night before we decided the best course of action was to find our hotel and take a rest. It's probably worth saying at this point Cole and me were pretty done in. We both we're feeling run down and ill, in need of a break from constantly moving from host to hostel to hotel. We had decided while booking our flight to Berlin that we would live it up in in Luxury for a few days to recover. After jumping on the first train to the city centre we made our way through the crowded streets of Berlin to our luxury (the best €50 can buy) hotel!

On arrival something seemed a little off about the place.. All the male members of staff glared at us as we walked through the front doors which was when I noticed the copious amount of white feathers decorating the lobby. As we stood in the queue behind two couples, who both happened to be gay men, we noticed a TV on the wall with a slide show of pictures of the hotels spa. All of this would have been completely normal had it not been for the naked men posing in this slide show of pictures. This was the moment me and Cole glanced at each other with the same look of realisation.

We had booked into a gay hotel.

As we approached the front desk the well dressed man behind it looked us up and down uncomfortably. At this point I was ready for him to tell us they didn't allow heterosexual couples to stay and we would have to find somewhere else to spend the night.

After a stumbled conversation and a look of confusion from all the members of staff we got checked in and made our way to our room. Regardless of the awkwardness the room was the epitome of luxury! I've never stayed in a place so fancy and after a shower to wash off our embarrassment our quick rest became a 5 hour nap. Needless to say there was no sightseeing of Berlin that day.


After attempting to use the jacuzzi multiple times the previous night we sadly had to check out the hotel without relaxing in the tub (we could have shared with 5 bollock naked men but we decided against it). Finding hosts on couch surfing in Berlin was very difficult and a lot of the hostels we looked at seemed to be pricier than a proper hotel. Because of this we booked another hotel for a few days in the city, so we had time to explore and come up with the next move of our adventure.

The next hotel wasn't quite as nice as the gay hotel (which we missed dearly) but it was clean and close to the city centre which was good enough for us! We spent the day wandering around the area close to the hotel and working on Our Vibes stuff. Cole kicked ass and got this video uploaded (if you haven't seen it already ch ch ch check it!) and I got another blog out about Barcelona on a budget.

Our travel budget was slowly dwindling at this point so eating cheap was a real must for us. However Berlin is so expensive! Even a take away costs a fortune so it probably wasn't the most cost affective place to visit. We did find a relatively cheap Chinese down the road from our hotel so we placed a take away order and waited for our food. Unfortunately as we sat waiting we realised we had no cutlery back at our room and we defo couldn't ask our hotel for some (it was quite a fancy hotel with its own restaurant, not a place you should be eating cheap take away in the rooms). So we did the only thing we could think.. We stole a pair of chopsticks and a single fork from the take away, only to find once we had our food that they had provided us with plastic spoons and knives.

We spent the rest of our night in the hotel working, not before going down to reception and asking for a kettle and looking like a right tit when confirming we had our own tea bags and just needed a kettle.. Then looking like even more of a tit when we had to return to reception for two mugs. Berlin was off to a great start!


Bright and early we were off to explore Berlin, hitting all of the tourist sites and learning about the cities dark history. After a day of looking at all the atrocities of war we were feeling pretty gloomy and so decided to head back to the hotel.

Something you need to know is that me and Cole very rarely use the public transport in the places we visit, mainly because it's more cost efficient to walk (even though it is fucking nakering). Berlin was also horrendously cold and rainy and all we had to protect ourselves were our shite power ranger ponchos.

freezing cold and tired we made our way through the dark woodlands, this was when we started to feel a tad unsafe. The whole day I had felt a rising sense of dread, wether it was looking at all the depressing memorials or the high terror alert in Europe Berlin felt unsafe and walking through that park at night was the worst. As we made our way through, a sudden shout from behind startled us, three shadowy figures were following us through the forest. Gripping each others hand tighter we picked up our pace as three more figures rounded the corner in front of us. This was the fuck it point where we decided looking like a twat running through a forest was worth it if it saved our lives; so that's exactly what we did.

Spoiler alert: we made it back to the hotel safe and with pizza in hand!


Gloomy as per we headed out to do our washing at the local laundry cafe before heading back into the city. This place was the bomb and if you're backpacking round Europe with a heap of dirty clothes I would suggest going there! (Freddy Leck sein Waschsalon) Not only is it English friendly but they help you with the machines and you can pay by card at the end for everything you've used. They also serve coffee for very cheap which is perfect while waiting for your washing to be done.

We used our spare time to figure out our next move. Originally we planned to head to Denmark (as we had a host lined up there) but Berlin had taught us we were not prepared for cold weather! We only brought a range of shorts and harem pants as well as vest tops and light jackets, yes we're stupid.. we know this now!

Instead we started googling all the countries around us and which one was cheapest and easiest to get to. Czech Republic seemed like the obvious choice and sat with our freshly cleaned clothes in hand we booked a five hour bus to Prague.

The rest of the day we spent trying to find Prague hosts and filming our (coming out soon) European coffee tour video. This was also when we found the best part of Berlin! Its the area surrounding Alexanderplatz station and had we known earlier we would have spent almost all our time there. Food is cheap and there are hundreds of shops! Unfortunately on Sundays in Berlin fuck all is open! So we missed out on the opportunity to explore this place.

After a long day of wandering around we decided to pay for the train back to the hotel to avoid any long walks in the park. With another take away in hand we settled in for the night, preparing ourselves for the journey the next day.


After a pretty rushed morning of trying to find the bus station we eventually got to where we needed to be and waved goodbye to Berlin out the back window of the coach. As much as Berlin is a beautiful place, we were feeling pretty sick of cities and craved some countryside or at least different kind of buildings! Sitting on the coach we were filled with hope that Prague would live up to our expectations and be a place we could actually afford to eat properly in.



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Thanks for reading, see you Monday for more!

April and Cole 


p.s What are your thoughts on Berlin? we have a very mixed option on the city and wonder wether anyone else does?