Our European Adventure - Chapter Four


Well howdy! It's that time again for another instalment of "Our Endless Adventure!" (Link here if you missed the last one) At the end of the last blog you left us sat on a coach to Prague! Sit back and enjoy because this is gonna be a good one!


After a four hour journey in the back of the coach we finally made it into Prague Monday evening! If you've never visited (which you defo should!) it's unlike any of the other cities we've been before; imagine building a town but leaving the countryside within it and you've got the stunning city of Prague.

We jumped off the bus ready to start the next chapter of our adventure, filled with excitement and hope for better luck than we had been having... which was when we realised Czech don't accept Euros. The realisation was a scary one as we had already booked a hotel for two nights and had eaten our way through the snacks we had bought to last us the coach trip here.

Were we stuck in a country where we couldn't buy anything?! 

After a panicked google of Czech currency we stumbled into an information centre and asked the lady behind the desk if we had majorly fucked up. She told us that our travel card would work normally here even though the currency on it was Euros, she also said some places accept Euros but you can't withdraw Euros from any of the cash machines.

Luckily this meant we weren't screwed we just had to check everywhere we went before hand to see if they had a card machine.

With this information we confidently made our way to the hotel located in the rough, but still pretty beautiful, part of town. On arrival we were greeted by the friendliest little man, who shook our hands and told us everything we needed to know about the hotel and surrounding area. Feeling pretty knackered, we heaved our backpacks up the stairs to our room, excited to finally have somewhere to kick back and relax...this room was not the place.

Upon entering we noticed we had been put into a room owned by a spider colony. The huge long legged bastards sat in the corners of the room as if waiting for us to arrive so they could inspect what creatures were entering their home. To make matters worse our new spider friends were the least of our problems.

I suppose the room was meant to be 'traditional' with its dated decor, massive frilly lampshades and dingy  lighting. However they really didn't need to leave a giant portrait of the previous owners hanging over the bed...

We named them Olej and Hrebicek which happened to be the witting on the two urns sitting on the shelf facing the bed. Not feeling too comfortable in the room we decided to go hunting for food instead. We had chosen to visit Czech because of how cheap the cost of living is here. For 200 of their currency you could get a huge main course, bucket of beer and dessert; which translates as being about €7, bargain mate! 

We found a great local pub next door to the hotel and had the best meal we'd eaten for such a long time. Two stack of ribs pilled high, a huge bowl of wedges, two potato pancakes, a basket of bread, and two tankards of tan and white beer all for the affordable price of €15! 'I LOVE PRAGUE!' Was the only thing we could say as we feasted on the mountain of food before us.

Full of food and tipsy from one beer we strolled back to the hotel feeling pretty good about our choice to visit the country. Once snuggled under the covers of Olej and Hrebicek's marital bed we settled in for the night, not too buzzing to turn the lights off and be plunged into darkness.


To say sleeping in that room was horrible would be an understatement! Here's a list of all the nighttime shenanigans we faced;

  • At 2am the door into the hallway creaked open by itself.
  • Spiders kept moving from their webs to hang over us, even after killing them, more would take their place.
  • At 4am there was a huge bang and then the eerie ticking of a clock which didn't exist.
  • After a none existent grandfather clock chimed in the room the light was switched on the remainder of the night.
  • Sweating and scared, sleep finally claimed us then woke us after only two hours of sleep. 

After the worst nights sleep of our entire trip so far, getting out of the hotel seemed like the best idea so far! Unfortunately fate had other plans...

After a nasty packet of instant coffee I trotted off to the toilet for a morning poop, pretty normal right? Wrong! I was sat on that toilet for over an hour as black matter poured from my body. Cole was ready to leave but my bodies shaking and cold sweat told me I wasn't leaving for a while.

But April what was wrong with you? Did you get food poisoning?! I hear your cries dear reader and I will answer but let's not judge me too harshly here...

The night before I googled if water in Prague was safe to drink. The lying, backstabbing son of a bitch that is the internet told me the water was fine to drink, so me being the naive idiot I am believed it and drank a gallon of that water. The water was not safe to drink, I repeat the water was not safe! (Unless of course you want a cleansing of your insides then go ahead and drink it but make sure you're close to a toilet!)

After a long and painful three hours we finally left the hotel hoping fresh air would be good for me.. it was not. Half an hour away from the room I felt as if I was about to pass out. As we were praying for some toiletry type things my insides shook and I realised there were three possibilities about to happen;

  1. I shit myself right there in the shop.
  2. I pass out then shit myself.
  3. I throw up all over the shop assistant, then pass out and shit myself.

Not really feeling any of the options I made a dash to the shopping centre toilet only to find they were not free, they only cost the spare change from your pocket.. spare change we didn't have because we only had a card!

Hoping the floor would open up around me I looked up at Cole and told him this is how I die. I will die holding in the waters of Prague, with any luck they would add a statue of me to their growing collection.

With an arm to support me we rushed back on the path towards the hotel, going at the speed of a galloping giraffe (who's trying not to poo himself).

Luckily we made it back just in time for me to pull my pants down before I sat upon the unfortunate throne. It was clear to me then, I would not be leaving the hotel today.


After another horrendous nights sleep we packed up our things and checked out, glad to be leaving our roomies behind!

Originally we had planned to leave for another country after we checked out, but after not being able to explore Prague fully the day before we had to decided to find cheap accommodation so we could stay a few days longer.

We opted for the classic AirBnB as I had a £25 voucher to use. The night before we had found a beautiful cheap apartment in the city centre so we booked it and planned to check in there around noon.

With a mega cheap but huge and tasty breakfast in our bellies we mapped our way to the apartment, hoping our host didn't keep creepy pictures above her bed too!

We were almost 45 minutes away from the flat according to google so being the skilled map motivator I am I told Cole it was only 15 minutes away; which quickly became 5 minutes for over half an hour of walking. This is what we now refer to as 'the longest five minutes of Coles life'.

Almost an hour later we still hadn't arrived and my map was confused as to where our location was and where we were going. This was when we looked at the map properly and realised we had been walking in the wrong direction for half an hour...

Irritated, straining under the weight of our bags and the scorching sun we started back along the road we had just walked up. Cole telling me if I said we were only five minutes away I would die in Prague for real.. so we walked the rest of the way in silence.

We arrived at the apartment half an hour later to find Jana waiting for us. She ushered us in and gave us a grand tour, telling us all the cheapest places around as well as informing us Prague's grand light festival was on Thursday! Then bid farewell and left, leaving us wishing she was hosting us on couch surfing instead so we could have spent more time getting to know her.

We spent the rest of the day wondering around Prague, crossing the river and exploring what the other parts of town had to offer. On our way back to the apartment we passed through the old town square which had some kind of light tunnel built in the middle; which we assumed was for the next day. We watched them practice and test the lights before being distracted by a man yelling with a flaming torch!

[wpvideo mO3rhjh2]

He was a Polish guy who came to Prague to preform his fire show which was pretty impressive! Unfortunately his jokes were lost on most of the audience as they didn't speak English but we thought he was funny!

Pretty knackered we headed back to the flat and cuddled up for a comfortable nights sleep!


We woke up feeling fresh and well rested, ready for a day of exploring!

We spent the day walking through Prague, climbing to the top of a mountain to see the castle and Czech's Eiffel Tower.

Then we rushed back to the flat to drop off our camera equipment so we could go enjoy the light show baggage free! But not before trying THE BEST BURGER IN THE WORLD OMG! .. legit the best burger I've ever tasted!

Once we got to the old town square we realised their light show was literally just the big box we had watched the night before.. disappointed we headed back towards the shopping centre and found a bunch of other cool stuff along the way.

[wpvideo gsOqY7IZ]

[wpvideo PDo1Kb8v]

After a night of excitement we got back to the flat and decided we should probably plan our next destination. We found a cheap night bus to Milan so booked it for Friday, deciding we would figure out accommodation in the morning...


Waking up early we got to work, packing up our stuff and showering (seen as it was gonna be a while until we would shower again).

We found a website that morning called work away (which we wish we had known about before leaving on our travels). Essentially you find a host who will give you a place to stay and food/money for food in exchange for your labour. You have to pay for the site but it's well worth getting if you're a long term traveler. We found a job helping five guys build their mountain home in the Italian alps, which timed up perfectly for us arriving into Italy.

With a plan in hand we left the flat and made our way into town where we spent most of the day in the best coffee shop we've found so far on our travels!

After leaving there we stopped off at a print shop to print our bus tickets which believe me, was a nightmare when no one spoke good English and all the computers were in Czech!

Half an hour and €8 later we were on our way to the bus station to attempt our first lengthy coach trip of our journey. We boarded the bus and crunched together on the seats ready for the 14 hours of travel that awaited us.


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Stay chill,

April and Cole


P.s who else thinks Prague is amazing?!