5 Tips - Berlin On A Budget

YO! It's April here to impart some more budget wisdom with you, this time for the historic city of Berlin! Regardless if you're already there, on your way or you're just my mum reading this to support Our Vibes; kick back, grab and beer (unless you're underage) and enjoy!

  • Tip one - Attractions! 

If you're in Berlin you're probably going to want to visit some of the historic sites and museums. A lot of the galleries and museums charge an entry free so if you're budget backpacking I would suggest giving these a miss. If you're dead set to see them maybe look into getting a Museum pass which gains you access to 30 places for £30, but obviously if you're only going to see the one museum don't buy it.. you big silly.

Most of the major historic points are free, like all the statues and memorials, check point Charlie and the Berlin wall. Be savvy when looking at these things as there are a lot of places that will charge you entry when you can go down the road and see it for free.. For example, we found a huge building which had a piece of the Berlin Wall inside which charged entry; however when walking 50 yards down the road we found a part of the wall free to look at.

Also on a side note all of the Nazi/Jewish genocide related sites are free as the people of Berlin don't want to profit off the tragedy of those events. A great museum we visited was the topography of Terror which shows the time line of Hitlers rule; be warned it's pretty grim.


Here's a handy list of all the best museums in Berlin, free and those that charge. 10 best museums. 

  • Tip two - Sunday sadness

If you're hoping to wander around Berlin make sure it's not a Sunday! None of the shops open, even the ones inside the huge shopping centres. Markets, cafes and restaurants remain open so you still have places to go for food and local products. However if you are just passing through we recommend visiting Berlin during the week so everything is open.

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 21.07.13.png

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  • Tip Three - Crazy Cyclists!  

Berlin is very cycle friendly, in my opinion a little too cycle friendly.. the footpaths dedicate more space to cyclists than pedestrians and believe me, you don't want to be caught in the wrong lane! The lanes are marked in red to indicate if you accidentally stumble into them, you will die. Cyclists are crazy in Berlin and will not stop if you're on their turf!

However, if you're wanting to get around the city fast, bikes are the cheapest option by far. you can rent a bike for around €8 a day compared to one train ticket costing around the same.

  • Tip Four - Underground Troubles!

When we first arrived in Berlin we had to use the underground and were surprised to find there were no ticket barriers. I know what you're thinking, I'm going to tell you to get on the tube without paying because you're on a budget.. NO!

I'm actually going to warn you against doing that. Although it is very tempting to get a free ride, Berlin has police patrolling the underground in normal clothing so you can't recognise them until it's too late! If they catch you without a ticket you can expect a hefty fine. Some people even claim to have been dragged to a cash machine to withdraw the money the police demanded.

So it's up to you, it's all about calculated risk ;)

Screen Shot 2017-10-18 at 21.12.14.png

  • Tip Five - Source the Cheap Food

Like I said before, Berlin can be quite expensive so you need to find cheap places to eat. We found a part of town where a market it set up next to Alexanderplatz train station. You can get insanely cheap food here so defo worth a look if you're on a budget. We got a huge bratwurst for €2 which is ace considering most places charge over €5 for the same thing.

We also found a great take away called Call a Pizza which makes the best food for decent prices. The staff are also amazing so go check it out if you're in the area!

Just another cheeky tip, if you are visiting Berlin beware! The city is owned by giant killer wasps. I know you think I'm being over dramatic but believe me, they are humongous and everywhere! It doesn't seem to bother to locals much but bothered us a lot! I legit thought a bird flew into me until Cole pointed out it was a massive wasp! 

On another cheeky side note I'd also like to note Berlin is a wonderful city but is also a dangerous one too. If you're wandering around at night we suggest to stick to using trains to get around and not walking through the street and parks. We were luckily not to get jumped in one of the parks during a walk home after a very close call and we'd hate for it to happen to any of our readers. 

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