*Lightening strikes* MWAHAHAHAHA!

Velcome to your vorst nightmare!

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*cough* * cough*

I mean, Welcome to Our Vibes spoopy Halloween takeover!

As many of you know we arrived in Cardiff last week with no money, no place to call our own and only a bag to live out of. Obviously Halloween is coming up and we couldn't miss it! So we figured out how to Halloween on a budget, and made a handy costume guide for you if you're strapped for cash but still wanting to get spooky too!

Okay! So before we get started what we did was look at what we owned and what we needed to buy in order to complete these costumes for cheap. Most of them all you need is a pair of jeans/ harem pants and a plain top (easy!).


This is an easy one because it doesn't matter what you wear as long as it looks kinda roughed up.

  • roughed up clothing
  • fake blood
  • bandages (optional)
  • make up


I used a vest top and a pair of jeans which I owned already but you can use whatever you have handy. (Sometimes wearing a costume you wore last year, such as; slutty snow white and turning it into a zombie version is a great way to save cash!)

Here I just added pre blooded bandages which I got from Poundland, scuffed my hair up and painted my face with some really cheap Pound shop Halloween make up. Then just douse yourself in fake blood and you're ready to go and get yo' self some brains!


This one is a great one if you have baggy pants handy! All you need is;

  • a loose fitting black shirt 
  • baggy pants
  • bandage (optional)
  • bandanas to tie all over your body
  • sword
  • Pirate make up


Luckily we owned most of the above so all we had to buy was the sword and make up which again you can pick up for for £1 at most 99p/pound shops.

If you don't own the clothes but you're dead set on being a pirate, you can always try Primark for cheap shirts and pants as well as Claire's accessories for a great choice of Pirate jewellery and bandanas.  Then you're all set to pillage and plunder!


This is one similar to the zombie in the sense you can wear whatever you want! Dresses with flared sleeves work a lot better but you can be any kind of witch you wanna be!

  • dress/ top with flared sleeves
  • witches hat
  • make up
  • broom (optional)


I opted for my new jumper (I was forced to buy on return from Europe due to the harsh uk climate... proper cute tho!) it has flared sleeves and I'm pretty sure I picked it up from Primark at a steal of £3, bargain! Black jeans work on the bottom half or you can opt for the weird tights covered by underwear that I decided on. Witch hat or broom you can pick up at fancy dress stores or pound land for £1. Then just add some witchy make up to complete the look!

I went for the plain witch but you can let your creativity shine here! Hell paint yourself green and run around singing Defying Gravity if you want! (I know I will be on Halloween night ;) )


Who says you have to go as a well known anime character?! This is a great costume to get creative with. All you need is;

  • baggy/ colourful clothing
  • some kind of weapon
  • crazy face paint
  • wild hair


As you can see Cole opted for some haram pants and a baggy top completed with our trust £1 sword and make up. It's not really about what you wear but your anime style make up and weapon. Like I said this one is about your own creativity, so get out there and perfect your hour long monologue about how you've had a tragic life but you're determined to change your destiny and achieve your dreams!



Literally just;

  • Black clothing
  • tail
  • mask/face paint

I feel like I don't even need to summarise this one.. I'll let the pictures do the talking!

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 15.55.07
Sexy cat
Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 15.55.35
slutty sexy cat
Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 15.55.57
slutty sexy cat male addition ;)

Thanks for reading guys! Hope you found this helpful and we've given you some ideas for your cheap Halloween costume. We've gone all spooky this weekend on our social media platforms so expect another Halloween blog post very soon! (subscribe so you don't miss it!)

We'd love to see your Halloween costumes so get tweeting them to us! @ourvibesblog for a chance to be featured on our Instagram.

Happy Halloween guys! See you real soon!

April and Cole



p.s what are you going as for Halloween?? and what do you think we should go as? (I think the sexy cat for Cole for sure!) Comment down below and let us know!