Scariest Movies of all Time! Top Ten List



And we're back for another spooky blog post! Since today is Halloween we thought we would share with you our top ten scariest movies (just in case you're too scared to brave the outside world tonight). Shall we get into this?! I know you're just buzzin!


Purge Trilogy


Where one night of the year the law doesn't exist, the Purge follows the stories of those out to kill and those just trying to survive the night!

Okay, so it's not technically a horror but they are great films! If you're into tension, gore and in the mood for a horror movie marathon we would defo recommend the Purge.

Watch it here: The Purge / The Purge: Anarchy Double Pack [DVD] [2013]

You're next 

you're next

A family get together gone wrong, blood shed and disaster are in store!

Another great film for lovers of suspense and gore, plus is the lead actress is a total BAM, ain't no scared damsel in distress pish here! We love it, you'll love it.. I promise ;)

Watch it here: Watch You're Next



It's not the house that's haunted.. it's your spoopy son that is!

We're not going to suggest watching the whole trilogy because to be frank the last one was terrible! However the first one is awesome, perfect for the jump scare lovers. You'll want to watch this one alone, in the dark and with headphones in.. If you're brave enough that is!

Watch it here: Watch Insidious

Silence of the lambs


A man who eats human flesh, a man who wears human flesh and a whole bunch of moths! Creepy or what?

Yes, I am including a bit of Hannibal on the list.. I HAVE TO, HE'S A CLASSIC! This being one of my favourite films especially around Halloween season, if you've never seen it make tonight the night to change that! (If you're scared of moths like me you're gonna hate it... in a love hate kinda way)

Watch it here: Watch Silence of the Lambs

The Babadook


If it's in a word or it's in a look. You can't get rid of the Babadook ba-ba-ba-dook-dook-dook...

It's a pretty new horror film from 2014 but a lot of people seem to think it's a classic already. Again this is another one for lovers of jump scares although I'll warn you now the little boy in the film is mega annoying so just be prepared for that haha Still a great film with a pretty creepy monster.

Watch it here: Watch The Babadook


Alien (1979)  Sigourney Weaver Credit: 20th Century Fox/Courtesy Neal Peters Collection

Trapped in the middle of space with no one to help and a bunch of acid spitting aliens on board.. Sounds like a perfect recipe for disaster! 

Another franchise I feel I have to mention because it's so good! We recently re-watched the alien films and I found myself cringing as Ripley made close escapes from the aliens chasing her. A classic horror film that's defo worth a watch tonight!

Watch it here: Watch Alien

The Scream Franchise


What's you're favourite scary movie? Don't answer wrong or you'll piss him off!

Okay these are my all time favourite horror films and perfect for anyone looking for a slasher marathon! Even though Scream is an old classic, I think it's filming style and story lines keep it relevant even today... It also has an amazing series on Netflix too.. I'm just saying!

Watch it here: Watch Scream

The Ring


Okay just a creepy little girl crawling about on the floor.... This is fine..

I'm including this one because my mum went to see this in cinemas when it came out and it scared her so much she refused to walk past the t.v at night just in case the girl from the film crawled out of it! Plus if you watch it with friends you can prank call each other in the weeks to come.. Seven days.... (watch the film and you'll get the reference)

Watch it here: Watch The Ring



Do you want to play a game?.. Just so you know if you lose you'll die.. Just putting that out there before you decide to play.

I'm putting this one here for the gore lovers only. Personally I don't think Saw is scary.. but it difficult to watch unless you're protected behind a pillow! Give it a watch if you're wanting something to make you squirm!

Watch it here: Watch Saw



When you can't hear your killer coming you have to think five steps ahead just to keep up with him!

This film is AMAZING! Honest to God it's brilliant! I don't want to give too much away but it has a great story line, suspense, a kick ass female lead and jump scares! If you haven't seen this go and watch it now!

I tried to find a link but I think the only way to watch it is as a pirate or on Netflix... Good luck.


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