What's Been Going On?

As you've probably noticed we've not been around here for a little while as well as on social media. To say we've been busy is an understatement; we've been swamped! To give you a rough idea of what's been going on here's whats been going down...

  • Moving to Cardiff

We came back from travelling Europe at the end of October, finishing our journey in the lovely city of Cardiff. We arrived on a Saturday night with the town heaving and us feeling pretty bummed out to be back and in such chaos!

We made our way to our friends house who have kindly told us we can crash with them until we find our own home. So we're in Cardiff with no home, no job and no money other than a credit card...

  • Getting Jobs


Luckily we've arrived back just in time to pick up Christmas work, everywhere is hiring! However getting a job is stressful especially when you have no clothes other than the things you've been travelling with (Haram pants probs aren't appropriate interview attire) and no CV, because it's back on your computer in Scotland. After a few trips to Primark for suitable clothes and one trip to our friend in the printing shop we managed to bag a few interviews and land multiple jobs. Heres the hard part! Most of them are Christmas temp jobs so you have no job security, you've on a minimum hour contract and with many jobs comes much responsibility to make sure you never have shifts that clash. Fortunately Cole managed to bag a great job in a cafe working full time as well as it being a permanent position! (a barista is not just for Christmas!) And even more lucky than that, his boss is so cool, he interviewed me and hired me as well! So now we're working EVERY day!

  • Road Tripping back to Scotland!

Getting pretty sick of having to buy essentials we already had back in Scotland we decided to travel up to get them as well as pick up Cole's car. Taking a 9 hour Megabus up we finally arrived having to organise all of our belongings and carefully select the things we needed. As much as being back was nice I had the roughest of times while there. My trip consisted of; having a bug in my trousers which ripped my legs to shreds the first day, getting majorly sick the next day which ended with a 9 hour drive back to Cardiff pulling over constantly to be sick!... Ahh good times.

  • Illness

Both me and Cole have been pretty rough the past few weeks. Cole has a chest infection which has been bothering him for some time and as I said before I've been throwing up, pooping and just being a general mess!

  • Finding a Flat

This is probably the hardest thing we've had to do. Find a cheap property in Cardiff... Yup never gonna happen! When we first arrived we were told we couldn't even view flats due to our jobless situation unless we could pay for the first six months rent up front.. also never going to happen! Once we had a job we were allowed to book viewings but told we would need multiple references from a host of places and to make matters worse all the flats around are over £500 per month, plus admin fees (which is bull shit by the way!).

As you can imagine, with so much going on and so much to sort out we've been unable to think of much else. I constantly get asked in interviews what's the biggest challenge I've faced in life and I would say what we've doing right now. Things are very difficult and beyond the stress of all the things to sort we are also in a bad financial situation which is pretty damn scary. I feel almost as if I'm a hiker looking up at mount Everest, without a clue how to make it to the top. Luckily both Cole and me are looking up at the same mountain figuring out our path together and it seems already we've made the first few steps to the summit.

I guess this post is an apology for not posting in a while but also a hello again! Regular content is probably going to be quite hard for us to maintain at the moment but you can expect at least one blog post a week and one video a week, guaranteed! I hope you guys haven't missed us too much ;) Stay tuned for more European Adventure chapters!

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See ya real soon ya'll!

April and Cole


p.s what have you guys been up to?!