The Quest for the Late Delivered Mac


As some of you already know recently I joined the Mac army! (despite crippling debt and no income I feel like I've made a solid life choice!) Anyway, as many of you don't know Cole and I went through some amount of hardship to acquire this beauty so pull up a chair, sit back and let me tell you of;

Simon the majestic, two poor adventurers and the quest for the late delivered Mac...

It all started on a cold and windy night, while crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Our two adventurers, Cole and April were just ending their tiresome journey across Europe and heading back to a fairytale town of Cardiff. Huddled together with no bed to rest their weary heads, they clung to each other for warmth against the harsh Northern winds of storm Brain; which crashed against their vessel sending it rocking into the abyss of endless sea before them. While the boat creaked and moaned the two discussed their new lives and how they would live with no money other than a credit card to support themselves.

Suddenly struck with a genius idea Cole jumped up, despite the gut wrenching rock of their boat, and exclaimed he had a brilliant idea! He explained that a quest to grow and earn smeckles (money) from their travel blog lay before them and they should waste no time in beginning their adventure to success. However April shook her head and replied, "alas, we only have your mac and my phone to share the work load. There's no way we could complete such a quest with limited devices." Disheartened Cole sank to the floor as the boat was bombarded by another gust of wind.

"I have the answer to all your problems," a gruff voice sounded all around them. Cole and April jumped to their feet in surprise to find a wee old man in the door way of the cabin. "What say you old man?" asked Cole bravely.

"The answer is clear," He whispered, hobbling closer to the pair, "you have to buy another Mac."

Our adventurers stared dumbfounded at each other as the old man laughed evilly and disappeared into a poof of purple smoke.

After agreeing what had just happened was truly weird, the couple held hands and decided the old man was right!

This was when the quest for a new Mac began..


Once landed in Cardiff after a perilous journey across the Welsh boarder our hero's road to the local tavern (Starbucks) and set up camp to begin their search for the perfect (and cheapest) mac online.

Through many hours of searching and comparing prices they finally found, 'The One'. Although secondhand the cost was still close to 450 smeckels. April looked at Cole worried about putting such a huge expense on their credit card while not earning regularly from a constant quest. He took her hand and cupped her chin, reminding her of the old man who had trespassed in their cabin. "This is the only way to achieve our bigger quest for success." Nodding, April squeezed his hand and the fateful buy button was pressed...

And the card was declined.

Cole hit the button again and again but it was unyielding to his will. Confused he suggested it was perhaps the website as his delivery address was in Wales but his account was located in Scotland. Hoping this was the case they began their search again to the mysterious plains of Ebay.

Shocked by their findings they realised their card being declined was a stroke of luck. The had stumbled upon the same exact Mac but for only 230 smeckels! What a bargain! Full of renewed confidence, they hit the buy button together, thanking the universe for such luck...

The card was declined again.

Slumping back into their chairs and taking a long sip on their over priced beverage they stared at the red text on the screen in confusion. Sill looking at the screen April uttered, "perhaps it's time to call the credit overlord... Customer Service." Gulping down his frustration Cole nodded and began the long call to get through to a real person.

After an hour of being told by an automachine it was only a five minute wait Cole hung up the phone, suggesting that perhaps later in the evening less adventurers would be seeking help from the overlords.

Later that evening

Cole sat on the phone for another hour patiently waiting for another human to pick up the other end. When all hope seemed gone a oddly familiar gruff voice spoke through the line. The overlord informed us that the card had been suspected stolen as it was a large purchase from a location that wasn't on the cards history. The man on the phone quickly loaded the transaction on the screen in front of him marvelling at the difference in price of the the two Macs. Cole responded with, "I know right!" Finally the card was unblocked by the fraud team ready for use and with a tap of a button our new Mac was ordered and on it's way.


Our adventures awoke to a message from the quest approved DPD to say our driver, Simon - the majestic, would be delivering our package from 12:09 - 13:09. Feeling as if nothing else could go wrong the pair got ready with excitement despite the gloomy skies which hung above the town.

At 13:00 there was no sign on Simon or the package.

Waiting apprehensively with their faces pressed against the glass, the rain cascaded onto the empty street below. Would the mac ever arrive? Would they ever meet this mysterious Simon the majestic? Was this the beginning of the end for our hero's?

A sudden sound of a van engine in the distant caused Cole to jump up and dash to the door downstairs, followed closely by April.

Swinging the door open the two stood eagerly smiling at the driver as he dismounted his steed and rummaged for their package. As Simon heaved a large box with a picture of a fireplace on the front an alarming thought grew in our adventurers heads... this man was not Simon. Feeling somewhat stupid they explained they were waiting for a package and had thought the man was their delivery driver. He grumbled a nonsensical response and asked where number 45 was located.. "Next door," the pair signed glumly.

Slowly closing the door, Cole and April exchanged a look to say, "what are the chances?!" before making their way back upstairs to the bedroom to await the real Simon.

13:11 and Simon still hadn't arrived. Being the ever hopeful questers Cole and April are; they remained eagerly awaiting their delivery, jumping at every noise on the street below. Suddenly another van sounded in the distance. Not wasting anytime they rushed down the stairs, almost tripping over one another to reach the door in time for Simon.

A red van pulled to a halt on the other side of the road as they opened the door. Cole smiled at the old man in the driving seat then was beckoned forth into Simons presence. Fumbling to get his shoes on, Cole wandered why Simon would ask him to go to his van, surely it was his job to come to the door? Wrapping his arms around himself, Cole braced himself against the rain and went to the window of the red van. The old man began telling him a tale about how he used to live at this address. How he was born in the back room and how he had pushed his brother through the second story window while playing on a late June evening and how he had just been driving through the neighbourhood and decided to stop by to take a look at the old place...

This man was not Simon.

Nervously laughing, Cole backed away from the man as he requested to come inside and take a look around. "We actually don't live here, we're staying with friends.. so.. no.. sorry." Waving the disappointed old man off they closed the door once again, not uttering a word to each other as they climbed the stairs back to the room to wait.

13:15 and still not sign of Simon.

Our adventures had moved downstairs, not bothering to look out the window anymore. In a desperate attempt to find out what was going on, they had texted Simon... but he had not replied.

Deflated and upset the pair hear the sound of a van pulling to a stop outside the house. Not rushing with quite so much enthusiasm as before they made it to the door to see a delivery driver pass over a parcel to the man at number 46.

silently closing the door and sliding down it, April collapsed in a heap on the ground.

"It seems everyone on the street has their packages but Simon will never come with ours!". Cole joined her on the floor, and sitting against the door they rested their heads together, "He'll come," Cole whispered,

"He'll come."

13:27 a bang on the door above brought the pair back to their senses. Opening the door cautiously, they held their breath to see what awaited them on the other side.

"Hey, sorry I'm late, I've got your package." A man with a Mac shaped box whipped the rain from his brow.

"Simon!" our hero's spoke together, tears pooling in their eyes, "you came!"

Resisting the urge to hug him, they took the box, exchanging Simon a signature in return and closed the door on the cold day outside.

April hugged the soggy cardboard box and looked at Cole, "we did it! We completed our quest! We have a mac!"

Cole took her in his arms and drew her close, "now all we have to do is complete our quest for blog success."

"easy," she whispered.

Ooooookay! So this was maybe slight overkill I do get carried away with a good quest story! The whole time we've been traveling I've been working from my phone which isn't practical and has limited the type of work I've been able to do.

The hope is now we both have Macs we can work a lot harder on Our Vibes to produce the best quality content we can at a speed much faster than we have been doing.

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April and Cole 


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