Prague Travel Guide - Prague on a Budget

Prague is one of the cheapest places Cole and I visited while travelling so if you're a backpacker or just on a limited budget, this is a great place to travel to! (personally my favourite place we visited on our adventure, so defo worth a visit!)

Although Prague is affordable there are a few tips you should know before you visit, so sit back, relax and read on to find out more!

No Euros Here!

Something we found out once we arrived was that Czech Republic have there own currency; Czech Koruna. This can be quite confusing especially if you're backpacking around Europe and only have Euros.

This is something we had to deal with and found that a lot of places will take Euro as well as Koruna although using Euros will work out more expensive for you in the long run. We only had a TUI travel card with us which only had Euros on it however when using it to pay for things we were not charged any extra for the conversion. We suggest if you're in a similar position; use your travel card rather than withdrawing Euros and getting them exchanged as it's more cost affective.

It's also worth saying that the Koruna conversion can be very confusing at first, however we found a helpful guide online which saved us a number of times while trying to figure out prices!

The budget Travellers blog explaining it all:


The greatest thing about Prague is how cheap the food is! If you're on a budget never eat around the tourist areas (unless you're buying cheap street food, which there is a lot of across the bridge). We generally found cafes and restaurants around the bus station very affordable and great value for money.

Two of our favourite places where:

schnitzel king - Cheap fast food 

Google Maps

If you're in the mood for a burger.. GO HERE!!! Hand on heart they gave us the best burgers we have ever tasted. The meal deals are very affordable and the place is spotless.

Spirit Restaurant Bar - Cheap Traditional Czech Pub Grub

google maps

A traditional pub in the cheaper area of town. The staff are welcoming and although their English isn't the best they will go out of their way to help you. The food is so good and portion size is huge for the amount you pay. We would also suggest trying the black and tan beer here as you can get a bucket for almost €1!

The sites you need to see!

Prague is a beautiful city surrounded by the gorgeous Czech countryside. Three of our favourite and free things to see were:

The Charles Bridge

With a stunning view of the Vltava river the bridge is an amazing piece of architecture which once was the only thing connecting old town Prague to the Castle. As you walk up the centre of the bridge multiple stalls selling handmade wares and live music awaits you. You can't visit Prague without making stop here!

The Castle

Although it is a long climb up the hill the view that await you at the top is worth it! We made our way to the castle at sunset which is the best time to visit as you can watch golden hour be painted across the whole of Prague.

Prague's Eiffel Tower

If you thought climbing to the top of the castle was bad you're in for a shock! The tower sits aloft a monster hill which although daunting is beautiful in its self. We suggest visiting here as the views are stunning as well as the hill boasting lots of different country walks (and a cheeky restaurant at the half way mark for the weary traveller).


I feel like I say this about every European country I write a travel guide for but... Stay away from the tap water!

I got some first hand experience while in Prague of why you shouldn't drink tap water (even though Google says it's safe) I would never wish what I endured on anybody so, don't do it.

Exchanging Euros

Prague has a huge problem with rouge traders praying on naive tourists. If you need to convert money into another currency never do it on the streets, you'll either be given fake notes or an incorrect conversation rate.

The best thing to do is visit one of Prague's many tourist information offices for advice on where is safe. The old town has lots of legitimate exchange shops which you can spot with their huge yellow signs and cash machines within them.

Where to stay?

Prague being so cheap makes finding accommodation very easy. There are hundreds of hostels within walking distance to the bus station as well as very cheap hotels being a good option as well. We suggest using the Bohemian hostel group as they have a range of accommodation for different budgets. The one we stayed at was the Hotel Amadeus which was great value for money and very traditional for those wanting an authentic experience!

We also stayed in a great Air B and B while we were there which we thought we would include as well.

Jana's Airbnb:

This is a modern, clean and central located apartment owned by Jana. We loved staying here and would highly recommend booking this place! At only £21 per night it's great value for money and suitable for up to five guests. Jana is lovely and will give you lots of information about Prague when you check in.

Well that's you're lot today! I hope you found this guide helpful, if you did don't forget to leave a like and email subscribe for more travel advice posts.

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Thanks for reading and we'll see you in the next one!

April and Cole


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