We Need Your Help.


Hey Y'all! Cole here fillin' ya in with whats been goin down! The hippy-haps-a-happenin if you will. So there's a few updates you should know before the main focus of this blog. They are as follows.

Housing Situation


As some of you will know if you have been following along with our online content. April and I were travelling through Europe finally deciding to settle down in Cardiff for a while, before figuring out what the next big adventure for us will be. Since arriving we crashed with friends for roughly two months while looking for a place of our own. This has been a less than a fun time as the following issues arose.

  • No Job, No house!  - As we had some savings we figured we could easily land some property... this was not the case as every landlord asked for 6 months rent up front which we didn't have.
  • FREAKING STUDENTS - Cardiff is a student hot spot. April and I found it VERY difficult to find a place that wasn't student accommodation or managed by a student housing company
  • Whoops, Not Legal! - When April and I finally found a place that we felt we could call home, we paid our agency fees and had to get an advance on our wages to afford to put a deposit down. When we did this we learned the landlord was not registered as a landlord and because of this we lost the house. Disheartened we looked at the two other properties the Agency had within our budget... neither were suitable. This caused major stress and worry for both of us, until April got a call from the agency with some good news.

Eventually we landed the house we are staying in now. Although unfurnished (we literally only have a blow up bed and nothing else) it's a start. Sadly it means every penny we earn for the next few months will go into fixing it up and making it a home.

Work Situation

When we got to Wales we knew the first priority was to replenish our funds and to save for the next big thing. This meant getting jobs over Christmas time to help us clear debt and save up. Getting jobs was tough, April and I both went for interviews and did a few trial shifts however nothing was really suitable for us or fit with our goal of working in a cafe together. We now work in a cafe together.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 08.45.46


The team is absolutely fantastic and a great bunch of people. It's a hard working place and is open super late. (Never known a cafe to still serve at 1am haha)

Thankfully while every job we went for was only Christmas temp jobs, this cafe job contracted both of us to work beyond the holidays with the opportunity to take on more hours.

Oh boy have we taken on more hours.

As it stands we are both currently working DOUBLE our contracted hours and more than a typical full time job. We are mentally and physically exhausted, pushed way past our limits, but we carry on.

Content Situation

So where is all the OurVibes content I hear you ask?


Well as all of the above has taken place in the space of two months, combined with us using what little free time we do have to make trips back to Scotland to try and get our belongings. We haven't had a minute to spare to enjoy life or even spend quality time together doing chilled out couple things... Couldn't tell you the last date we went on :( sad times bro.

OurVibes is a major part of both our lives though, and while travelling we were working non stop on it. Thankfully this gave us a plan that even now is in place to keep the ball rolling. At this current time we have only really been posting instagram content and one blog a week with one video per week. The plan is to do a MASSIVE update and upgrade as soon as the holiday season passes and we are on our feet both financially and socially with our living situation sorted. That means constant, consistent content. Insta posts every day, Vlogs and Advice videos weekly, blog posts roughly 3 times per week and more.

This was the plan... however... something happened... something we need your help with...

So What Happened?

It allllllll started a few days ago when I opened up the old Macbook to continue editing some videos, when all of a sudden the pop up I'd been ignoring wouldn't go away.

'You must upgrade your Mac now'


So I upgrade it, as you do. Thinking all will be well and new videos would smack ya in the face in a days time... Until I log back in ...

"Welcome to the new update ... oh... BTW bro ... these programs no longer work ... sorry"

My music editor, my photo editor, my font producer, my animation kit.... and most importantly MY FREAKING VIDEO EDITING SOFTWARE!

Needless to say I spent AGES looking online for solutions. Can I downgrade my software? Not without issues cropping up. Can I update my software to match the new system? NOPE. Is there a general fix for this? HA no.

Out of options I clicked the little button my Mac suggested to change my video editing software... £300 and the problem goes away.

That would be fine... If I had more than 10p to my name. But sadly I am not in a position to fork that out.

Which is where you come in...

I can't say I'm comfortable asking this but it's 100% voluntary so here goes. If you can spare anything to help lower the cost of the program that will keep us editing and producing content we will love you forever <3

We were planning on some cool marketing stuff like t-shirts and things so I will be sure to find those who chose to donate and gift them free things as soon as we get on that!

This has legit been one of the hardest times of our lives and for this to happen when OurVibes was the one thing that was working out well is just heart breaking.

There is a donation link below or on the home page of this website.

YOU ARE UNDER NO OBLIGATION TO GIVE ANYTHING!!!! But, you don't ask you don't get as the saying goes. So to those of you who wana help make our lives a bit easier. Thank you <3


Or Below

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Hope you all had a fabby Christmas and have a wonderful new year when it comes!

Apri and I will be working sadly but we shall celebrate none the less!

Peace in <3