5 Life Lessons 2017 has taught me (April's Year)

April here with another fun filled blog post for you! With New Year on the horizon I decided a sum up of my year is in order, because sometimes it's nice to look back and see how far you've come. So one year ago I made the decision to quit my job and only do what I loved, if you had asked me back then what my plans were I would have told you I was going to be an actress who would find some way or another to make it big....

two jobs later and no sign of an acting career my answer now couldn't be more different.

For those of you new to this blog or you just don't keep up with our antics (shame on you!) this is my side of what we've been up to...


I quit my job and started a YouTube channel to track my progress in the acting world while also moving out the flat I was living in with my ex. Cole and me started dating and after a week moved in together (I know we give relationship advice but maybe don't do that same thing we did! Hahaa).

My rubbish Youtube channel watch some of the crap content I made

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 08.08.54


I kept my YouTube channel strong with daily vlogs and did the odd acting job which earned me little to no money, making it big is harder than I though.

Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 20.24.55


I was broke and in need of regular income. The more acting work I did the more I began to resent the system which agencies and independent studios act through, was this really a life I wanted?


Cole and me decided we would finally escape Scotland and move to Wales by the end of the year... mad savings needed to be had first though. I needed a job... and fast!


I got a part time job in a cafe, my YouTube slowly dwindled to nothing which was fine because I had a new goal.. save enough money to clear two credit cards worth of debt and move to Wales.

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we decided we would go traveling round Europe before moving to Wales... this means we had to save even faster! I wasn't earning enough money in my part time job and it looked pretty unlikely we would have enough money.


Cole got a new job and started earning more money. We started putting a lot of time into Our Vibes, determined to make it our full time jobs eventually.



I started a full time job to earn more money faster. We cleared two credit cards and somehow managed to make two grands worth of savings as well! We sold all our belongings, moved out our flat and began traveling!


our European adventure began and Our Vibes began to take off. Our dreams had begun to be a reality. Sadly by the end of the month our money was beyond low so we decided to head back to our new home.



we landed in Wales with no home, no job and no money. What little money we had we quickly burned through until we were living off credit cards. This was the toughest point for us, coming back from nothing is the hardest thing I've ever done and writing it down doesn't even being to describe how difficult it was. After a month long struggle we found jobs and ended up working in the same cafe.


By some miracle we found a house and moved in the same day. With only a blow up air bed for furniture we finally felt as if we were getting somewhere. We began working 60 hour weeks at work to pay off our debt faster. With no free time Our Vibes took a real hit as we couldn't put the same amount of effort into our content, about the same time we also lost our editing software which was a huge blow to us being too broke to afford a new program.


while waiting to be paid we maxed a credit card and lived off pot noodles for two weeks, scraping by till pay day. We spent our first Christmas together and set some goals for next year that we may or may not tell you guys about in the near future ;)

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Things I learnt:

Dreams change...

I dreamed of becoming an actor but realised while living with Cole I only had that dream to fill a void in my life which disappeared once Cole and me started dating. I began dreaming of different things which is why my answer to where I want to be next year is so very different to my original answer.

It's okay to quit sometimes...

I'm too hard on myself, when my YouTube channel fell through I was disappointed in myself because I had vowed to make it a success. Looking at the reasons why I wanted to quit made me realise it was okay. I wasn't quitting because it was too difficult, I was quitting because I didn't need to do it anymore I had other things to work on that had become more important to me.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 08.09.43

Talking about yourself is important...

I've never been someone who talks about themselves a lot, I'm more of a 'listen to other people's life stories' kinda gal. I realised this was a bad thing when I knew everything about Coles history and he knew next to nothing about mine. Over this past year I've become more confident in talking about myself. Especially while traveling I found that all the people we met had interesting stories to tell and perhaps I should believe in the stories I have as well.

Screen Shot 2017-12-27 at 08.10.57

If you're not happy with something change it....

This past year there have been a lot of things in my life that have made me unhappy. Jobs, money troubles, body issues.. I found there is always a solution of happiness, quit your job and get another one, working harder to clear debt, go to the gym or change to a healthy diet; no matter what the solution is, it's only ever you that's holding yourself back from happiness.

Anything is achievable...


I will be started next year with so many goals and aims that may seem impossible now but seeing just how much I'm capable of when Cole and me work together, I have no doubts we will make all our dreams a reality and be exactly where we need to be by the end of 2018.


Looking back this has been a real year of ups and downs and although the highs outweigh the downs by far I'm glad to have lived through ever second of it as I have learnt some valuable lessons which in turn have made me a stronger person. So If you asked me today what my plans for the future are I would simply answer; to be happy, to do the things that I love to do and take whatever the universe throws at me wether it's good, bad or something inbetween, I believe 2018 will be the best year yet!

Happy New Year everyone!

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April xx

p.s I also learned tattoos hurt like hell but they're addictive as fuuuuuck! what did you guys learn this year and who's excited to wipe the slate clean for a new year?