New Year's Resolutions - How to Achieve All 101 of Yours!


Okay so it's that time of year again where everyone sets unrealistic goals for themselves heading into the New Year. Most people will start the gym with the intention of getting fit for 2018 or perhaps choose a food which they won't allow themselves for this year... how long do you think that will last? Before you start going savage on my ass thinking I'm ripping into your New Year's resolutions, chill. I'm here to tell you of a fun way to make New Year's resolutions where you don't feel as if you've failed if you don't achieve them.



Most people set themselves goals which they normally wouldn't be interested in achieving; such as the fateful 'new year, new gym membership'. If you're not an avid gym goer in the first place chances are you'll set up a membership for a few months, go loads at first but eventually start going less and less, (I'm speaking from experience here).

It can be hard to stick to long term goals such as going to the gym because although you start off strong it can be hard to maintain that level of commitment throughout the year. If you're as hard on yourself as I am on myself, you'll end up feeling as though you've failed if you stop going and therefore get into a pretty negative mind space about the whole thing.



This year why not set yourself a new year's bucket list? You put all the things you want to achieve by the end of the year on it and check them off as you do them. Unlike New Year's resolutions there's no pressure to do all the things on the list and you can make as many as you want!

These don't have to be long term goals like going to the gym for the whole year but things that are easier to check off; like finally reading that book you've been dying to get into for the longest time, beating your high score in a game or finally getting a toned stomach.

Last year I made mine into a huge poster, including all the things I wanted out of 2017. They weren't goals as such just things that I hoped I could do by the end of the year... needless to say I didn't do all the things on the list but I also didn't feel as if I'd failed. I also felt that by seeing these 'goals' as what I wanted to achieve by the end of the year not what I was going to achieve, I found it a lot easier to let go of some of the items I'd put on the list.

MY 2017

Looking back I still managed to check off a lot of small thing like;

getting my first tattoo,

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 16.51.15

going to the gym for at least one month,

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 16.56.11

going snowboarding!

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 16.52.10

and I achieved a few major things which I never thought I would really do;

moving country,


going travelling,


finding my happily ever after.


This year I'm doing the same thing, setting myself little goals and also big ones hopeful I can achieve at least 80% of them, but also remaining realistic in the knowledge that I might not be able to check my whole list off.

This is what my rough 2018 goal list looks like this year...


(yes I know go to the gym is on there -__-) 

At Our Vibes we like to think anything is achievable but also know that sometimes life can get in the way. By making a bucket list instead of goals which are set in stone, it can be more fun trying to achieve them all and less upsetting when you don't mange to do all of them.. besides there's always next year!

Happy new Year all!


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stay chill,

April and Cole x


p.s does anyone else make year bucket lists? what's on yours this year?