#ThursdayThoughts It's a Pirates Life For Me


Sup! Cole here, today I'm gunna give some thoughts on being a PIRATE!

Hey... why are Pirates called Pirates... No seriously if anyone knows the answer please let me know. It's serious.. I'm not kidding.

So recently I rewatched all the Pirates of the Caribbean films, and although some of the films left a lot to be desired... A LOT, to be desired (heres looking at you Dead Men Tell No Tales) It got me thinking a lot about Pirates. So heres an easy read, fun filled blog on my thoughts!


Upon finishing Pirates films, I then went on to watch the first season of Black Sails while playing Assassins Creed: Black Flag. I'm not entirely sure where this newly found Pirate obsession has come from, but I think I know why I like it so much.


Now obviously my knowledge of Pirates.. and I guess anyones is down to what we know about historical Pirate figures, aside from that its all tales and movies. As far as I'm aware there are still modern day pirates who murder and kill and steal at sea, but the ships they use are not the classic big pirate ships we know and love. The other term for a Pirate I am familiar with is to be an internet pirate, stealing and downloading films and music.

These aside, I think theres one more reason someone should be classed a Pirate, and this is the category I see myself fitting into.


The common theme across all these movies, shows and games about Pirates is the freedom to explore the sea, going on adventures and living their own lives. Not being told what to do by societies standards. I think in my own way I relate to this form of Piracy, which is why I think i'm drawn to the genre ... if you can class it as a genre ? I dunno.


To go against what we are brought up to believe. That the only way to live is to settle down, work a 9-5 job, meet that special someone, have kids and then raise them believing exactly what you were brought up to believe.  I don't subscribe to this idea and way of life. I want a life full of adventures and travels and living exactly how I want to live despite what society and the government and what anyone else wants. I count my lucky stars each and every day that April is of the same mindset so we can adventure together <3


I think this is why I already call some of my friends Pirates... I mean other than the fact that they look like one haha! but the friends I call Pirates are usually the ones who are living that adventurous life style, free to do what they want to do.

I don't see being a Pirate as a bad thing. To me, a Pirates life is a free life. So it's a Pirates life for me!

Yo ho ho and a bottle of Whisky... not much of a rum drinker me.

Thanks for reading!

Do you consider yourself a Pirate? Maybe a Vampire? How about a loch ness monster? or even an Apache attack helicopter? I'd love to know your thoughts in the comments below!

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Until Next time

Peace In