#Thursdaythoughts Facing Insecurities


Well Howdy, April here again! Today I'm feeling in the mood to delve deep into my insecurities so we can tackle yours together. LETS DO THIS! Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 20.17.06

So I like to think I'm someone who doesn't have a crazy amount of insecurities but one of them has recently reared it's ugly head and reminded me how human I am.

A few months ago I started learning to longboard, I was pretty confident mainly through my stupidity, that if I fell off it wouldn't hurt. SPOILER ALERT!I was wrong.. so very wrong! I ended up attempting a pretty steep hill which I got speed wobble on (technical term) and completely decked it. I cut open my hands and knees, nothing broken other than my pride and confidence. I suddenly realised I could get hurt doing this, I wasn't in control like I thought I was and that terrified me. Suddenly little hills seemed like mountains and pavements with a few people on seemed like crowded alleys of death! Cue my insecurity...

I couldn't help being terrified even though I knew it was irrational and it angered me that I couldn't control that emotion. I was beating myself up because it felt like I had taken a step backwards. I tried hard to overcome this myself, practicing on my own or going out wearing knee and elbow pads but nothing could get me past this fear. cue the slayer of my insecurities. COLE!


How I Overcame My Insecurity

Cole and me went on a skate a few days ago, We held hands while we skated, giving me the confidence to try bigger strides to push my board forward. Hills still scared me and as we stood at the top of what seemed like Everest for me; Cole refused to let me walk it. With his hand in mine we tackled the hill together, picking up hardly any speed leaving me feeling pretty embarrassed about being so scared to face it alone. After this skate my confidence had grown considerably and it's all thanks to Cole helping me face my insecurity.

I guess the point I'm trying to make here is that you should never feel alone with your insecurities as you're probably not the first person who has felt what you're feeling and you won't be the last. Sometimes you need help to overcome your problems and there is no shame in that.

One of my favourite metaphors for facing problems is this:

One day a boy was wandering through the forest and he came across a fallen tree, he managed to scramble across this and continues on his way. Further into the woods he found a bog which he got stuck in, he spent several hours stuck here but eventually managed to break free of its hold and continue on his way. Eventually he came to huge raging river, it was too wide and deep to cross and there was no way around. He stood on the banks trying to come up with a plan, but he could see no way over. After a few hours another boy approached and stood with him at the bank. He asked if he knew how to cross and the first boy replied it was hopeless, as there was no way he could see to get to the other side. The second boy told him he knew how to build makeshift bridges but he would need his help to build it. The boys set about creating a bridge with the logs scattered around the forest and pretty soon they had made a path across the river. They both made it across the river with the other ones help and continues through the forest.

Some obstacle you face in life you will be able to get through on your own like the boy and the tree. Some obstacles will be harder to get through like the bog, but with a bit of effort and determination you'll get through it. Some obstacle you won't be able to face on your own but with someone there to guild you through it, you'll be able to cross that river you though impossible to pass.

Of course I know confidence issues on a longboard is a pretty minor insecurity but the basic idea is the same.

Your take away for today:

  • You're going to face problems and insecurities in your life that will seem impossible to pass, everyone does so don't think you're alone.
  • You're human and there is no shame in asking for help. Sometimes a different perspective can help you see a way to conquer your problem.
  • Falling off a longboard hurts but it doesn't mean you should stop trying. Everybody falls it's just wether you choose to get back up and fight.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading and found this somewhat helpful! I have other (more serious than longboarding) insecurities that I will one day share with you guys in an effort to help you with yours, but lets save that for another blog post ;)

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Stay confident! April xx


p.s Have you got any insecurities that you've managed to overcome?

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