What Longboard Should You Buy? Types of Longboards Explained

April here to hit you with some news.. WE POST ABOUT SKATING ON HERE TOO! Yes I know! we are a travel, coffee, skating blog.. Mental isn't it! (and they said we only needed one theme ;) pfft!) IMG_8403

Today is for those longboarders/ wanna be longboarders among you. I'm going to teach you what board you should be riding and before you ask what makes me qualified to be telling you what to do.. let me explain myself.

I only started longboarding last year but I fell in love with it. The feel of the board beneath my feet, the rush of wind as I sped along the road, the fact that on a longboard my sex appeal is doubled!..  so naturally I wanted to know EVERYTHING! Now if you don't know, I love to research, make lists.. lots of lists! And thats what I did, I researched different boards, found out what type of board was for what and very quickly I became an expert! (loose term)

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Now we got that out the way lets jump into your problem..


That really depends on what kind of riding you want to do. Maybe you want to go fast or just cruise around town, maybe you just want to do awesome tricks like the people you follow on Instagram.. No matter what you want there is a board designed for it.

Here are the main types of boards so we can figure out which one you are.



This board is built predominately to cruise the streets (hence the name ;) ). This board is simple, probably the slowest board of all but perfect for the casual riders or someone learning the basics. It's usually top mounted with big wheels so you can ride right over bumps in the road. This guy is shaped like a surfboard, pretty much the shape you think of when you think longboard.



So these boards are all about speed and sliding. Although you can use this type of board to cruise on they are less forgiving that other types of boards. Usually they're built as drop throughs keeping the rider close to the ground. If you're someone who is wanting to improve their longboarding skills from cruiser to free rider I would go for this board.. but get yourself some sliding gloves!.. and maybe a helmet.



This is my favourite type of board at the moment! It's very easy to confuse the Cruiser and the Carving board but the main difference is the shape in which the board curves. The carving board is built more concave, giving your feet a more secure feel, allowing you to really lean into those turns. It also has wheel wells for less bite when your turning. If you're someone who loves cruising but wants an easier flow when taking corners then this board would be perfect for you.



Now this one even confuses me so let me lay it out simply.. This board is pretty much the same as the free ride board but not as focused on speed and sliding. This style of board can be a lot more flexible, usually drop through and sometimes even with a kicktail like classic street skateboards. If you want to drop some sick tricks while you're riding; this is the style for you. Think of it as the free spirit longboard built for tricking and cruising to your hearts content.



Now don't go buying this board unless you really want to face off with a giant hill while doing 80 miles per hour.. (no that's not an exaggeration, that's the world record speed on one of these bad boys!). These boards are stiff, usually top mounted and sometimes built with a W curve to hold the riders feet in place. If you're an adrenaline junkie and don't mind buying the speed suit, full face helmet and sliding gloves, then go out and buy this board now! And I wish you the best of luck from the bottom of the hill, where I'm safe just to cruise around at an average speed!


long dist

If you only use your board for commuting or traveling cross country, then this is the perfect board for you! These longboards are built with a double drop and drop through truck mounts.. basically you're pretty damn low to the ground. The idea behind it is, the lower to the ground you are the less you have to push and the less tired you'll be while traveling long distances. So if you're sick of arriving to work all sweaty and horrid after a hard skate from home, maybe look into one of these boards.


dance long

Now this is a board that I wish I owned and I was a master of. Riding this kind of board requires perfect balance and a heap of practice! They're the biggest of all the longboards and built with almost no curse at all so you can walk/ dance around the board with ease. Some variations of this board have kicktails as well so you can do tricks while you're riding. I say everyone should own of these boards and we'll all learn how to longboard dance together.. but if that doesn't sound fun to you then maybe go back and find the board more suited to your style.

(Those are the main types but I've included a handy reference picture of a few others)

skate shapes

Hopefully now you've read this you've found the perfect board for you, I would love to know what style you guys go for so drop a comment down below and let me know.

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Stay chill ya'll!

April x