Know Your Coffee - When to drink what and why


Sup Fellas! (and Lady Fellas) Cole here back with another coffee blog! Hope you guys are enjoying these!

If you missed my last one about my guide to the perfect coffee shop, you can check it HERE (By clicking the pic!)

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Today I am going to talk you through the types of coffee myself and April drink, and when we like to drink them.


Cole's Guide To Which Coffee When

The following guide is for the styles of coffee I drink, There are more out there that I have not included in this list, as this is just my opinions and when I chose to drink what.

V60 / Chemex

A V60 is my go to drink in the morning if I'm up by myself or in a rush for work. Usually I will wake up and boil the kettle while I prep my cup and get myself ready. The beautiful thing about having a V60 in the morning is if you have the right coffee, It's a nice strong (and fast) wake up call. I usually put mine into a takeaway cup and enjoy it on the drive to work before my shift. If I have a bit more time to get myself ready though I'll set up my Chemex and take my time enjoying my coffee before setting off to work.



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The Beautiful thing about a filter machine is the ability to keep on filling up your cup! There are 3 main times I use filter coffee.

  1. In the morning if myself and April are waking up together
  2. If I'm in the office working for a few hours
  3. If I'm out and about but don't fancy milk.

Most mornings myself and April wake up at the same time to get ready for the day. If this is the case one of us will wake up 20 minutes earlier to put fresh coffee in the filter machine and come back to bed.... because screw staying up if we don't have to! Once we are both up we can share a few cups of coffee before we start the day. Filter is also good to have when you are working away on something. Set it up once before you start your work and you can have coffee anytime you need a focus recharge. The advantage to having filter when out and about in town is that 9/10 times its much cheaper than espresso based drinks.


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Espresso based drinks require some form of Espresso machine. Making these drinks takes more time to do at home, especially if you are like me and clean your machine after every use. I tend to only have these if it's my day off, I'm chilling at home and have the time to craft a perfect Flat White. If I'm wandering town I'll usually grab a Latte or Flat White from my fave coffee shops as I consider it a small luxury that I can enjoy and appreciate.


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AeroPress is one I actually don't use too often. It does make a good cuppa but I am very much set in my ways on which coffees I'm in the mood for and when. However it's always nice to go for something a bit different, and I do enjoy making coffee this way for sure!


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Thats all for today folks!

Let me know in the comments below what you would like to know / learn about coffee and coffee shops. How you would feel about a crash course in being a Barista and what to expect? Let me know!

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