Our Everyday Adventures - Adventure One

Welcome one and welcome all! Now I know we've been neglecting you travel enthusiasts out there recently but fear not, we have a new travel series right here for you! (in fact we technically have two new ones but you'll have to wait for the other series ;) ) So! As some of you know after Our European Adventure came to an end we settled down in Wales to catch our breath and built base before jetting off again. Cole and I have been through a lot this past month but in a nutshell; we were working the same crappy job and never got ANY days off together, so we quit said job, got new jobs, now we have many days off together! This means we get a lot of time to go on mini adventures, exploring new places and in the traditional Our Vibes way experiencing lots of crazy disasters!

So! Where have we been recently? Sit back, relax and lets jump into the the first instalment of Our Everyday Adventures..



No not that thing in the bathroom Cole should use more.. There's a place in England called Bath, famous for it's historic Roman Baths.. (hence the name) Although we've wanted to explore this city for a while we actually travelled there with the intention of doing a photo shoot, (Bath is insanely beautiful and we're all about that on our Instagram).

Of course nothing usually goes to plan when we set out to do something.. But I'm getting ahead of myself, best start at the beginning.

Wake up call


We were awoken to the beautiful sound of an alarm and took the appropriate action to snooze it at least twice before deciding to open our eyes. Unlike most mornings where we could sleep in until the late afternoon the soft sounds of Coles mum walking around the house roused us from our bed. We were giving her a lift to the station as her visit with us had come to an end, therefore lazing about in bed all day really wasn't an option.

Still in zombie mode I was up, letting my body get myself ready so my mind could sleep a little longer in my head. After a round of coffees, it was a mad rush to double check we had all our camera equipment and Cole's mum had all her belongings. Running slightly behind schedule we decided to trust we had everything we needed and set off... This was our first mistake.

While driving through to Cardiff Cole pointed out that we would probably need sat nav to get to Bath, to which I replied that I was almost out of data. Cole was sure he had packed our portable internet so we could use that. Thinking nothing more about it, I relaxed, optimistic that the day would work out perfectly.

Half an hour later we were sharing a teary goodbye with mama Q and then it was off on our adventure! The internet was on, the car was running, we were almost ready but then Cole uttered those four words which could halt our process for hours, 'I need a jobbie*'.

*jobbie - A fancy Scottish word for shit.

So we made a 'quick' detour to a local Tesco store and Cole dashed to the toilets... never to be seen again!

Ah just kidding, he was out pretty fast! It was us getting distracted by the huge Tesco store we had stumbled into that delayed us. With two flat whites (she gave us lattes), salad pots, drinks and snackages clutched to our chests we went back to the car to finally begin our journey.

That's when we realised during our shopping spree our internet had died. Well that's okay, we'll just charge it up, right? Cole didn't look at me as he told me that he had forgotten the charger. Trying to find the positives I booted up the sat nav on my phone and declared that my data would just have to last until we reached Bath.. (and back again, Cole added).

We set off as my phone told me I had 10% of my data left.. great.

Although the journey took just over an hour it felt like maybe half an hour we were sat in the car. We brain stormed new ideas for the blog, talked about the shots we would get today and even talked about some special announcements which will be made later on this week! (don't forget to follow us so you don't miss what it is!). The motorway slowly turned into rows of sandy houses and once we hit the cobbled stones we knew we had arrived. My data had done it!

Where the Real Problem Began

Even my sat nav proclaimed we had arrived but define 'arrived'.. That would imply we knew where we were, we had stopped moving, we had a place to park. None of those things were true. We were sat in a huge traffic jam, crawling our way to the paid car park which neither of us though would be cheap. So we thought fuck it and Cole made a sharp turn, straying away from the town centre, away from all the signs saying parking and decided to go with his gut.

His gut took us;

  • around a housing estate which was a no parking area

  • up and down the same street three times!

  • Back into a traffic jam

  • down a dreary ally that finally led us to a park

Feeling pretty done with driving around the same streets in confusion Cole saw a space along the park and swerved in. This is fine we both said, not caring to look for any signs saying no parking. Regardless of whether we could or couldn't park here, we had arrived! Now we just had to figure out where here was.

Luckily the park was packed with an assortment of people to ask directions. We decided not to ask the two old men doing tai chi, not wanting to interrupt their flow and instead opted for a couple walking their dog. I held my breath as Cole asked them how to get to the city centre, sure that they were going to tell us we were miles away.

'Literally walk through that gap in the trees, keep walking, over the bridge and you're there. Everything is in walking distance in Bath!'

Both Cole and me exchanged the same look of disbelief and happiness. Thanking the couple, we held hands and strode through the park, one step closer to our destination.

Holy Balls, This Place is Cool!

Within a few minutes of walking we had emerged onto the crowded city streets. We marvelled at all the independent shops lining the street, wanting to go in and explore but also desperate for a toilet after downing so much coffee. Rushing through the city we found no other choice but a Waitrose to use as our rest stop. Dashing in, we both found a monster queue waiting for us. Hopping from one foot to the other I was finally at the front and it was a photo finish as I made it into a cubicle.

Once completely relieved, we sat outside the supermarket and chowed down on our salad pots, only eating about half before deciding we might end up frozen to the spot if we stay there any longer.

Regardless of where you live in the UK, you know that lately it's been brutally cold! Snowing every five minutes with icy winds to accompany and today was no different. Our hands were numb and our feet like little blocks of ice. We decided we would explore the city before starting the photo shoot, that way we could warm up in a few shops before facing the winter winds for a long time.

Bath is such an amazing city! Not only is it visually stunning but there's so much crammed into such a small space. The centre consists of lots of tiny tunnels and cobbled brick lanes full of shops. One turn can take you to a completely new area!

While we were walking around we found a decaying stair case in the middle of the street that lead to a cute Asian supermarket! We browsed the outdoor market and found hundreds of charity shops! And if there's one thing me and Cole love; it's charity shops!

It's mainly because you can find so many interesting things for cheap.

We picked up;

  • an old fashioned coffee grinder

  • a wooden tamper

  • 'Now you see me 2' (we had watched the first one the night before.. and no it's not a good film, save yourself the pain and don't watch it!)

  • and a book that I'd been hunting for for legit a year

After a few hours of wandering we were still freezing cold but we were also pretty knackered.  We had spent the last few days on our feet so the lack of rest was beginning to catch up to us. We decided all we needed was a coffee to regain our strength before shooting and Bath seemed to be a hub of independent coffee shops.

While looking down one of the back lanes we stumbled across a cosy wee cafe with the soft hum of Mexican music inside. intrigued, we headed inside and were met by the happiest looking barista I've ever seen! He welcomed us and took our order, giving us a loyalty card with a few sneaky extra stamps for good luck. Taking a seat we admired the cafes interior. Everything was wooden, decorated to feel homely and warm, Mexican music played and the two guys working sang along while making our coffees. This place was amazing and if you're ever in Bath I would highly recommend visiting. If you read Coles guide to coffee shops this place ticked every box, great atmosphere, friendly staff and *sips coffee* yep, a great cup of coffee!

Now What?

We sat in the cafe for half an hour not feeling any more motivated to go back out into the cold and shoot. Instead we tried to motivate ourselves with a few burgers from Mcdonalds and some tasty sweet treats from Greggs.. (that we had to wait in line for 15 minutes for, Yes man in front spending your Greggs voucher I'm blaming you for that! Who even knew there was such things as a Greegs voucher anyways?! Madness!)

Unfortunately none of these things motivated us to do the shoot, the cold was so numbing that after only a few minutes outside it seemed impossible to even get the camera out the bag let alone set up shots. So as the snow began to fall again and we sheltered under a shop door way we finally came to the saddening conclusion.

There would be no photoshoot today.

That doesn't mean that it was time to go home though, we wanted to take full advantage of our time off together so we made our way to a rooftop bar and sat with a pint watching the snow come down and the people below rush about in the cold.

We clinked our glasses and declared that although the day was a slight bust it had been a nice escape from the stress of our ever day lives and sometimes when you should be working the best thing you can do is take some time for yourself.. or your loved one.

One Problem Left

After a pint our tiredness had almost taken over and we were falling asleep in our seats. Pushing ourselves to get going, we left the bar and made our way back out into the cold. Now all we needed to do was get back to the car.. the car we had driven down lots of back roads that we couldn't remember going down. I'm hopeless at remembering directions so Cole led the way, convinced he could get us back.

We walked down roads we hadn't walked before but Cole still insisted he knew the way. I was loosing hope as we came to a huge raging river we hadn't seen before, but still Cole seemed confident about leading us home. Trusting in him, we walked through the light rain and finally came across a path that looked familiar, a row of trees peeked from behind the houses in front, inspiring confidence that maybe the park was only steps away.

We rounded the corner and found the park waiting for us and across the other side the car beckoning us. Giving Coles hand a squeeze of 'well done you did it against all odds!' we speed walked across the slush the park had become and into the car which was warm within seconds.

Homeward Bound

As we left Bath behind I realised my phone not only was almost out of data but it was also only on 10%. Unsure whether the sat nav would last the journey home we guessed most of the way back, hitting the Cardiff signs just before my phone decided to die.

An hour later we were walking through our front door, happy to be home and out of the cold. Jumping straight into comfy clothes we spread our charity shop booty across the sofa and nodding in agreement that although many things had gone wrong our mini adventure had been a success.

I can't wait for our next one!

Thanks for reading guys! Happy pancake day to you all! This is how ours turned out today.. Pretty right ;)

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Hope you all have a great week! We'll see you very soon!

Stay chill,

April and Cole


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