Sup fellas! (and Lady Fellas) Cole here with another boring update blog ... Only it's not boring ... It's quite the opposite actually.

Before I get into all the wonderful things that are coming, you should first check out this post to find out WHY WE LEFT

So now that you're all caught up. Lets get into the different areas and platforms we will be back on and what are plans are for them. We have learned a vital lesson that if you need time off, it's important to take it.. But by not having a backlog you start to struggle for content, and it adds to the stress of whatever you need to take time off for. With that said we are working on these backlogs so that in the future we can dedicate more time to longer projects and also take personal time off if we need it.

I'm also going to tease something for each platform so you know there is more to come than just what I've told you ;)


So we love writing this blog, we LOVE that you guys enjoy it constantly giving us feedback and asking us for advice! (Seriously, the support has been amazing)

So we decided we would type up a backlog of the various series we are doing. For me that means working on a few new coffee blogs and Barista School blogs. For April that means doing more longboard related posts.

We also want to do more of the everyday adventure posts, as they are great for getting us doing things but also showing you guys how to have a cheap, local adventure.

Next we have the get lost with series, where we talk with other travellers and use their stories to inspire you!

SECRET TIME - We have one more thing coming to this blog that will hugely benefit both you guys and ourselves! It's this project that I am personally working my ass off on! It's so big it's going to have its own page on the site.


Yeah you did read that correctly! We will be making our way back onto the screen and into your weekly viewing schedules!

We have been working non stop on a massive range of content!

Between April and myself we have already begun filming loads of vlogs, we are editing the Europe vlogs, we have 2 episodes of a new series that we used to do and are bringing back, and on top of that we are planning a whole range of exciting content.

As Youtube requires more time and effort than our blog (because we can do these on the move, but our edit suite is at home) we are making sure the backlog for our comeback is HUGE! ensuring we never run out of content!

You can Subscribe to the channel HERE in anticipation of our return.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 09.07.04Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 09.14.40

SECRET TIME - Above and beyond Youtube, April and I have been planning something HUGE! Something that's going to cost us greatly but will be worth every penny! Yes It's film related, but we haven't yet decided if we will post it on Youtube.


Insta was the one platform where we were total bossing it! We were doing great for building a community, we posted every single day and our story game was on point.

The issue with this is that keeping up that level of photos when you shoot on a DSLR, which you then edit before sending to your phone, means its insanely time consuming.

April and I found ourselves looking for any old photo just for the sake of posting. For this reason we have decided to rack up a massive collection of photographs for our Insta themes. To make sure each day we are posting the highest quality photos, that are very much relevant and accurate to what we are doing and where we are.

You can follow us on Insta HERE!

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 09.19.57.png

SECRET TIME - We may or may not have been working with some brands doing some awesome sponsored posts! We are always on the lookout for more though so let us know if you have a brand or merch you want us to model! 


Please don't think we have been taking this time to just sit on our asses and not think about OurVibes. We have been working overtime to make sure our relaunch is the last one we ever have to do.

We have not yet decided on a comeback date, as we don't really want too much pressure to create all this content. We want to get it right.

In the meantime. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE support your fellow blogger! My good friend Lucy has just launched a kickstarter to try and raise funds for an App she is developing. She already has a functioning website where you can create a profile and get a jump start on the App profile.

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 09.25.06.png

The App is called Bleet and it connects bloggers near you so you can work together to build a bigger and better blogging community! It's a FANTASTIC idea! Sadly though it seems another random blogger has decided to be nasty to Lucy and anyone who support her. They have tried to steal Lucy's idea and are trying to launch a complete copy of her idea and structure before she does (They also post mean things to twitter. Garbage folk)

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 09.24.46.png

So please, lets help Lucy kick some copy cat ass and reach her targets!


Thanks for reading! I hope this clears up any questions about where we have been and what we have been up to!

If you have any questions at all drop em in the comments below!

Peace In!