OurVibes Are Back!

Sup! Cole here with some major news! That's Right Folks!!! WE ARE BACK BABY! So what does this mean? What has ACTUALLY changed? Why now? ... Read on dear friends. read on.

There are four areas we have relaunched on! They are as follows

The reason for coming back now and not a whole bunch sooner is due to the backlog we needed to create, the direction we wanted to take, and because sometimes life gets in the way.

When we made the decision to put OV on hold it was due to the fact April and I were in such a bad place mentally that, had we continued, would have ruined all the work we were striving to create. We were living on a friends sofa, drowning in debt, in jobs we hated working 60+ hours a week, and just generally exhausted.

Once we stopped working on OV we made our priority shift to sorting our lives out. This meant getting our own place, finding jobs we loved, creating a solid friendship group, and getting on our feet financially. Outside of life April and I spent countless evenings discussing the future of OV and the directions we wanted to take. We realised that we needed to create an INSANE backlog of content so that should we ever need a break, or choose to work on something bigger and more time consuming for OV, we would have the content coming out consistently while we do it. Thus the completion of the massive backlog brings us to this point. The final thing we realised upon returning is that branding ourselves as a "Skating" couple simply was not accurate as there were other areas of fitness that we were both passionate about. hence the decision to rebrand from skating, to fitness.

That, in a nutshell sums up why we stopped, and why we are returning. If you wish to read in depth the changes we have made. Please do read on!

The Website!

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OUR EVERYDAY ADVENTURE is a new travel series in which April and I go on little adventures and take you guys with us.. Think ‘Our European Adventure’, but on a smaller scale! GET LOST! is basically all about other travellers who we’ve connected with, their experiences and motivations. Very inspiring stuff really! CFJ / AFJ is Coles Fitness Journey and Aprils Fitness Journey. Follow along as we get our bodies into shape by doing different activities that we wish to excel at! COFFEE BLOGS This is less of a series and more just April and I talking about coffee! since were both a little obsessed we always have something to say!

Outside of these blogs there are a few other one off, or mini series we have been working on for you to look forward to!

Brand Support!

This page is dedicated to the brands we love and support. April and I love rocking the merch of people we want to see succeed, so we take the time to show our support by sharing what they do while providing them with content on our site!



HELL YEAH WE HAVE A STORE NOW! We want OV to grow, so much that we want to quit the day job and do this full time, because it's what we love! The best way to achieve that is with the support of our viewers and readers rocking our gear and being a proud member of our little community!

We try to have the right merch to suit the areas we talk about. We have the Herbalife shakes and teas that we use daily in our fitness regime. We have our logo on a shirt and mug for those lazy coffee days. And we have a series of small books and guides for when you are about to set off on your travels!

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Thats right folks! Weekly videos are back! The last time we tried to do Youtube, my MAC decided to get rid of my editing software and we were unable to make any content. We reached out to our readers and viewers asking for support. We were overwhelmed by the generosity from our readers and smashed our financial quarrel allowing us to buy new software and get back on track with the content!

While working on this we realised that with the channel we want more than anything to have fun with it. Our Blog and Insta are the platforms we want to do our best on and display our best work, so we decided Youtube would be the platform we just enjoy for the sake of enjoyment. As such you will see some regular content in the following forms.

BMM - Bad Movie Monday The show where April and I watch THE WORST MOVIES ever and give our honest opinions on them. MIAM - Month In A Minute The new little series where we take all the clips we capture over a month and compile them into a cute little montage Best Coffee In Europe Thats right, while travelling April and I reviewed the best coffee in every country we visited! MORE, MUCH MUCH MORE Aside from the series above we have been filming other creative little videos and having fun vlogging here and there which you will see on the channel too!

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Insta is one hell of a platform. Although the concept is simple (take a pic, upload it, post on your story, presto) there is so much more to Instagram than meets the eye. April has been working tirelessly to make sure our photography, stories, captions, and everything is on point. No more Iphone pics from us! now its only the best of the best combined with daily stories showing what we are up to and how you can interact with us best!

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Patreon is easily the best way you can support us. It's a platform that you donate however much money you want like a subscription per month, and depending the amount you chose you unlock different rewards. For as little as £1 a month you get unlimited access to our weekly Podcast where April and I talk about whatever is going on with us and the world. We will even talk about viewer suggested topics. £5 a month gets you the podcast and more. For each increase in payment the rewards get better so it is entirely up to you!

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There is no pressure and you can cancel any time. We are so thankful for everyone who decides to support us in this way for it is this monthly income that gets us one step closed to quitting the day jobs and doing this full time giving our all to the content and giving back to you guys!

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WELL! That’s all our announcements for now, I hope you’re as pumped as we are for the future of Our Vibes! Thanks for reading and supporting us, even something as simple as sharing this on your own social media is a massive help to us! So thank you for sticking by us all this time and we hope you continue to do so from here on out! 

We made a We're Back video on our Youtube channel if you're hungry for more, check that out here >>> WE'RE BACK

What platform are you most excited to see content on ? Let us know in the comments below!

Until next time, Cole & April Peace In