yoh! So today we're doing something a bit different.. that's right we're writing a blog post together! I know get those excited pants on, all the way up to your belly button!


So if you're following our separate fitness series CFJ and AFJ you probably already know at the start of the month we embarked on something called the 21 day challenge. It's basically a challenge set up by Herbalife, where you have 21 days to get that body you've always dreamed of.. (or make a good start to getting there). You can use as many Herbalife products as you want or just the tea, Protein drink mix and F1 meal replacement as a minimum. You get added to gender divided Whatsapp groups as well as a Facebook pages where nutrition tips are posted daily as well as work outs designed by olympic athletes.



Cole and I are doing this (obviously to get that dream bod) but also to test out the Herbalife products and see if they work. There's no way we would recommend something to you guys without using it ourselves and seeing if it really does work. Because we're poor as hell we opted for using just the three core products which will really test if they work!

So lets see if we get shredded by the end of the 21 days or we're still sad sacks of potatos (or just a french fry in Coles case).




First day and I have been feeling quite haggard about all this. I have always struggled to put on weight and have tried everything from weight gainer to hitting the gym every day. Unfortunately my metabolism is disgustingly fast meaning I digest food way faster than you do... Sorry.. I don't like it either. I also struggle with being told what I can and cannot have as I like to be in control with my diet. But at the end of the day I've realised if I truly want results, I have to do as I'm told

I'm a few days in now and the BIGGEST difference I have noticed is my energy is through the roof. Normally I'd rely 100% on coffee to fuel me through the day, but since I have been eating more regularly and eating full meals. I find I am getting to the end of the day with energy to spare instead of craving that 3pm to 9pm nap time I love so much.

End of week one, I have been training almost daily and dedicated a few days purely to training to see if I can see any results in my arms. So far I haven't seen any real change but I appreciate it has only been a week and it will take much more time to see real results.

Just been to see our nutrition specialist friend who done a full body scan on me and informed me that my 5 meals a day STILL IS NOT ENOUGH! I need to consume FREAKING DOUBLE!!!! what I've been eating if I stand any chance of beating my belly's silly digesting speed!



So day 1 was pretty rocky.. I didn't realise how difficult it is to plan and eat five meals throughout the day especially while at work. I was feeling really pumped about this but now I'm not sure if I'm organised enough for this.

Half way through the week and I'm feeling the burn! My legs and butt are killing me which is probably a good sign. I've been working out every day for at least 20 minutes to an hour as well as smashing it with my high protein meals! Although I'm feeling really positive I was trying on bras and snapped a few cheeky shots and I seemed to be quite chubby round my belly. I'm trying to not let it get to me because I know I'll get psyched out if I do.

Friday and I'm relaxing in a hot bath! I'm not going to lie, I'm feeling amazing right now! I just finished my core work out for the day and my stomach is already beginning to look toned! Such a massive difference from my fitting room picture. As much as I wanted to believe the Herbalife products worked, I didn't quite believe they would work this fast!

We're at the end of our weekly fitness chart made up by yours truly! I feel like I'm making good progress but next week we're going for our full body scan to check everything is on track.. Feeling quietly confident.




End of week two and boy do I feel.... no different... The week started off really well as I kept track of all my calories and made sure I was eating right and working out... But then.... I got lazy.

The truth is, it is hard work to maintain something in your day that you are not used to. I see now why dieting can be tough and doing a daily workouts can become tiresome. I think my reason for not sticking to it this week was purely based on the level of work April and I had to do for OurVibes as well as our little trip away up north.


Let myself down this week but that doesn't mean I can't still see results. We still have 2 weeks to go so although I slipped for a few days there is plenty of time to make that back and smash this!


I've been feeling super positive since seeing physical results last week however at the full body scan although I'm the lightest I've ever been I've only dropped 4% body fat... Okay, okay I know I say only but I'm impatient! I thought I was doing way better than that. I find myself getting a little obsessed with the numbers and planning ways to drop my body fat from 24% to 15%... I think I'll leave the full body scans until the challenge is over, its not healthy to get so caught up in it all like this.


The rest of the week has been a little bit... wonky. The beginning of the week I was exercising daily and eating the right meals. However Cole and me have gone away on a little trip up north and I find myself chowing down on a burger and cake, and pizza and literally everything I shouldn't be eating.

To say I'm not disappointed in myself would be a big fat lie, but to tell the truth after seeing the numbers from my full body scan my bummed out feeling hasn't really left me. I've had an amazing holiday with Cole but next week the real work starts! I have to smash some hard core gym sessions and not cheat on my diet. Although I'm sat here licking my wounds, I'm more determined than ever to claw it back next week.






THIS WEEK I SMASHED IT! I went to the gym every single day for about an hour to an hour an a half each session. I didn't treat myself to any of the bad foods I love (although there are a few cakes in the cupboard with bite marks, don't tell Cole!) and I'm feeling super energised!

The best thing is; I can touch my toes! I know it doesn't seem like a big deal but I've never been able to do it before and all this working out has given me the flexibility needed to do it. Ahh yes, it's defo the little things.


So the challenge has officially ended this Sunday and the results are in! Not only am I looking more toned (those shoulder blades tho!) but I've actually lost 9cm round my hips! I honestly didn't think my change would be this dramatic but it's so rewarding to see all my hard work pay off!


As this challenge comes to the end I feel like myself and Cole should share our own personal take aways from our experience to round this off...


I think the Herbalife products work, I used the powders religiously and saw the results. I do think the amount of time I spent at the gym helped a lot but there's no denying that the products are tasty and speed up your fitness journey. Not only this but the community aspect of Herbalife is solid, any advice I needed would be given straight away and the moral support of a group chat helped me through more than a few tough days.

Now the challenge is over I'm still going to continue to use the products but allow myself the things I've been missing, like beer and pizza and cheeeeeeeeeese! However there's no denying I love working out daily as it has built up my stamina as well as improved my flexibility and strength. So I'm going to continue to train hard to get those dream abs but let myself have a few more rest days as well!