Budget BackPacking - The Gritty Truth

Sup Fellas! (and lady fellas!) Cole here, and today I'd like to talk to you about an unspoken truth about backpacking on a budget.

It ends, you get home, and the blues hit like a tonne of bricks.

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Our Story.

It's no lie it took a lot for April and myself to go travelling. We gave up our home, sold our most prized possessions and quit our jobs. Things that are stressful to do on their own never mind all at once.

We knew our funds would run dry while out on the road (after all we had to do it on such a tight budget) and we knew we would have to start from scratch wherever we ended up.

To say it was tough is an understatement. We got back to Wales jobless, homeless and penniless. We stayed with friends for the first while before attempting to get our own place... which was just disaster after disaster!


Now that we have a home, we are both working and are starting to clear our debts. We are gradually getting back on our feet. Until we repeat the whole process again! The difference this time is we will be far more prepared.

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The truth is exactly that. That it's hard... very very hard. Every aspect makes it tough. Saying goodbye to friends and family, risking being jobless, homeless, possessionless, all of it.

But whats harder is not leaving, but coming back. I have a few friends who have been travelling the world, only to come home and experience post-travel blues. They talk about how hard it is to get back into a "normal" routine, and how most of them no longer feel like where they are is home for them anymore.

The travel bug is contagious my friends. 

The harsh reality is, unless you are famous, earning money while you travel, or living somewhere for free. The chances are your travels will come to an end at some point. And that is the exact part of travelling that nobody shows you.

All these Instagramers, Youtubers, or bloggers going on about how much more amazing life is on the road, are only able to boast that as they are in a position to avoid the blues and continue to feed the bug.

If you have had a taste of life on the road and are back to normality now, then you probz know what I'm talking about and how hard it is. If you are just thinking about packing up your life and hitting the road then please know, that without that passive income or working away, you will have to come back at some point.


Okay so I've warned you about whats to come post-travel. But what can you do about it?

Well my friends you have one of two choices!

You either figure it out for yourself (Do not recommend. Trust me. We done that)

Or you follow the link below and sign up to our list for a FREE GUIDE that I created called "How to tackle post travel blues" .. Catchy title... I know (highly recommend this option btw!)


As always, thanks for reading!

Hope you enjoyed this much shorter blog and enjoyed the easy read!

Let me know in the comments what you had to face post-travel?

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Peace in!