Top 5 weirdest Coffee Beans!

HELLO! Of course it's April here to not talk about the finer side of coffee but to delve into the weird things people have done to our standard cup o joe! coffee main.jpg

I've been sat in waiting on a friend coming round so naturally I ended up googling stuff and got stuck in a clicking loop of articles, which led me to writing this blog post.. (as my friend still hasn't arrived.. lol).


kopi luwak Yes you did read that right, this coffee is made from beans that have been pooped out, and weirdly it's the most expensive coffee in the world! It's real name is Kopi luwak and is made from the coffee seeds found in the faeces of civet cats. Apparently during it's journey from the cats mouth to butt it undergoes a fermentation process unlike any other which gives it a unique taste.

If you are wanting to buy a bag it will set you back anywhere from £100 to £600! However if you're ready and willing to flash the cash make sure you buy a certified brand as a lot of fakes are out on the market as well as brands which inflict cruelty on the cats in order to make the coffee.


If you're not feeling cat coffee there are a number of different animal poop coffees on the market; including ones made from elephant turd and a cute Jacu bird.


We now live in a world where you can have your coffee taste of just about anything thanks to the help of the baristas nightmare; coffee syrups. Sure we have hazel nut and gingerbread and.. wait did I hear that right? You want spicy taco coffee?  Well you're in luck!

spicy taco.png

The crazy cats over at Coffee AM have brought out a coffee beans that's been infused with meaty notes and tantalising taco spices to make your morning a real fiesta!  Not only that but a bag is only £12.49, Bargain!

Just a quick look over their website and I found heaps of other interesting flavours like, peach cobbler and coconut rum!



This is one I'm actually very excited about and I know once I tell Cole he'll be even more excited than me! If you're a fan of Irish coffee this is the bean for you!

Whiskey barrel coffee have created a way to barrel age their coffee beans with the finest bourbon barrels, making a bean with the perfect balance of coffee and whiskey.

If that's not enough for you, then brace yourself for the real kicker. Once you've ordered their beans it comes in a wax sealed Whiskey bottle with the coolest branding! I want one just to feel more like a pirate. At $50 per bottle this is our third most expensive coffee... but I totally need this in my life!



Another pretty nasty coffee bean for you lovers of the gross and no it's not monkey poop coffee but Monkey spit coffee!

Apparently our primate relatives love coffee just as much as we do and have taken to sucking on the beans and spitting them out once their fruity outer layer is gone. For some reason one farmer decided he would try the beans the monkeys spat out (probs was waiting on pay day and had run out of coffee.. been there before!) but was excited to find the beans tasted like vanilla!

So he learnt two things that day, monkey spit tastes like vanilla and he could sell these beans for a crazy amount because they were so rare to come by! So if you ever do manage to track some of these beans down you can expect to pay $27 for just 8 ounces!

5. Monsoon coffee

Okay so I think this coffee sounds like something out of a fairy tail.


Far far away on the malabar cost of Karnataka and Kerala a little coffee grove is facing the extreme weather of the monsoon! For 3 to 4 months these brave beans face the wind and the rain and swell with all that water! They are finally brought into a nice warm place and dried off where they are bagged up and bought by coffee lovers everywhere for £10 - £15!

Apparently the excessive amount of water these beans take in make them loose their acidity and take on a whole new flavour profile which is totally unique and lucky for us it doesn't cost and arm or a leg to try Indian Monsooned Malabar Coffee!

Aaaaaaaand that's your lot of weird and wonderful coffees! I hope you enjoyed reading this as I had heaps of fun learning about all of them.

Thanks for reading and let me know in the comments below would you drink monkey spit coffee? 

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See ya in the next one!