Coles Fitness Journey (CFJ) Blog 1 - Introduction


Sup! Cole here with an introduction to what will be my fitness journey. Stay tuned as I talk you through the ways in which I intend to get fit, the level of fitness I hope to achieve, the tools and programs I will use, and how I plan to maintain it. So I am going to break this blog down into the 4 sections I just said above. Starting with...

The Level Of Fitness I Hope To Achieve (and why I want to achieve it) 

So for as long as I can remember I've always wanted to bulk up. Now I'm not talking insane muscles or anything bulging through my shirt but I've always had a degree of jealousy when I see thin dudes gain weight and broaden their shoulders with a few weeks work. While I try every solution known to man and see no results at all.

I am happy with my body as it is, but for me I know I'd be so much more confident and happy if I could just gain a bit of weight and broaden my shoulders slightly.


Size wise I've said, but actual fitness wise I want to become insanely skilled In parkour, tricking and Acrostaff. I want to be able to flip on command and maybe even one day street preform with my staff.

The Ways In Which I Intend To Get Fit (Parkour Acrostaff Skating) 

The main ways in which I plan to get fit are by doing regular sessions and activities. There is a tricking class and also a trampoline park in town that I will go to as often as I can. Aside from that I am going to be doing regular Parkour, Skating and Acrostaff sessions.

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My hope is that I will be doing each activity once or twice a week. I know I do not have the funds to do Tricking more than once a week but Parkour, Skating and Acro are all free. My staff and board now live in my car to push me into using them at every chance, and Parkour is an activity I'd rather do with people, than alone.

The Tools and Programs I will use (Acrostaff, training with friends, supplements) 

The only real tool I need for any of these things is my staff (and access to the tricking gym). Other than that all I need is to get off my lazy ass and actually train!

I am also going to be starting to use supplements to enhance my body while I do regular training. I will be using protein shakes and eating protein bars as I have recently joined a health club where I learned I do not intake enough protein in my diet (the main reason I have never successfully bulked up in the past)


With training my staff, I find I do better on my own as I slowly practice at my own pace and work on my techniques rather than push hard for results. With Tricking at the gym I will be surrounded by experts who will guide me and explain to me where I am going wrong. As I already understand and know Parkour I just need to drill bigger gaps and vaults with my Bru (BRU - South African slang for friend) as we push each other to new limits!

How I Plan To Maintain It

I think the biggest problem with people who set training targets or weight goals is when they reach them they don't actually maintain them.

My plan, once I get to the body type I am happy with is to alter my diet so I stop growing or bulking up. I'll do this by talking with my nutrition specialist who will help me understand what my body needs.

Skill wise and training wise I will continue to push myself to no limits as I'd love to master (or just be really fuckin good at) each activity.


In Conclusion, I am super excited to execute on these plans and fitness goals. I will be sure to update you guys weekly (or ... often) with my progress! Hopefully I'll take some dope pics while doing parkour and Acro! It's gunna be one hell of a journey!

Hey! I'm not the only one getting fit! My lovely Mrs is also working her ass off (hopefully not literally, love dat ass!) Be sure to go Check out her progress on Friday when she posts! Show her some love!

Until Next Time, Peace In


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