April's Fitness Journey - Welcome to AFJ!


Well howdy! April here to take you on a brand new journey with me. As you've probably noticed by our new blog look and our Insta (plug plug plug) that OurVibes now has a fitness element. I've never really been that confident in my body (we'll get into that another day) and all I've ever wanted is to tone up. I've tried everything to get my dream body before, spending hours at the gym, trying every diet under the sun but nothing seemed to work and my love for pizza would drive me right back to where I started. 39227328_556420611439679_6037316321169899520_n.jpg

So why now? Whats happened? Whats going on?

Okay, okay!

So the plan was always to get into shape once we moved to Cardiff, the weather is much better here than Scotland so it's easier to exercise outside as well as the gyms being super duper cheap! However our fitness hype actually came from a random meeting with a great guy called Jordon. He's a pt at a gym we had a free pass to and once we got talking we ended up agreeing to go to a free healthy breakfast club he runs in Cardiff.

After attending the first few sessions we were introduced to all the nutrition products he uses on a daily basis, a brand called Herbalife. The protein shakes actually tasted nice and the teas he gave us to supplement our coffee addiction actually gave me more of a buzz than coffee does! So yeah as you can imagine we were pretty excited about this club as well as Jordan promising he can help us achieve our dream bodies.


And that's where we are now... We've recently completed the 21 day challenge (check that out here.. 21 day challenge honest options.) and we're taking part in it again this coming month! Although we're started our journeys, we've still got a long way to go!

So Before I sign this one off I'll just give you a quick run down of what I'll be achieving and my thoughts and feelings going into all this..

What I hope to achieve

  • All I've ever wanted is a flat stomach that's toned.. I don't want huge rippling muscles I just don't want anything to jiggle when I walk! aha
  • I want to feel the mental and physical benefits of eating and exercising right.
  • I want to strengthen my wrists.
  • Improve my balance.
  • Be more flexible (just being able to touch my toes would be nice).
  • Become a crime fighting vigilante on the weekends.

how I will achieve it

  • Changing my diet to a nutrition plan built to keep my fat loss in check.
  • Yoga
  • skating
  • gym (in moderate amounts)
  • attending nutrition club every week to gain the support of other people on my fitness journey

Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 18.05.57.png

Thoughts and feelings going in to this

I can't say I'm not nervous because I kinda am! I'm scared about the significant changes my diet is going to go through and that I won't be strong enough to resit the pull of a McDonalds burger. I am excited to share this journey with you guys though and to see if the products I'll be taking will actually work for me.

In regards to the Herbalife products I know Cole is sceptical but I actually kind of believe in them already... It sounds stupid but I'm the type of person who wants to believe in everything. If someone came over to me and told me there was a unicorn round the corner and pitched it in the right way and had enough people telling me the same thing.. yeah I would probably believe them. So I'm hoping these products will work for me or I will be slightly devastated to learn the unicorn isn't real.


And that's where we are now. I'll check in with ya'll in a weeks time to let you know how I'm getting on. If you want to keep up to date with me and Cole follow us on Insta as we have lots of sick new photography posted there daily!

And of course if you want to hear about Coles thoughts and feelings going into his fitness journey, check his blog out here! Coles Fitness Journey (CFJ) Blog 1 – Introduction

If you're interested in the fitness side of our blog, but can't be bothered reading, (I feel ya) we made a podcast just for you! This week we talked all about the 21 day challenge as well as why we wouldn't go vegan. Fitness Podcast

That's all for now! Thanks for reading and supporting us!

See you in the next one 

April x

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Anyone else suddenly craving pizza?