We Cut Ties With Herbalife


Hello! April and Cole here for an update/explanation.. yup, We cut ties with Herbalife... I can almost hear some of you breathing a sigh of relief hearing this news. But those of you who aren't sure of the brand or haven't heard us talking about it, let us explain..

Who are Herbalife..


I'll take this question (April here). Herbalife are a multinational organisation who sell nutrition products such as protein shakes and supplements. They claim to have a team of award winning doctors and scientists developing their products to provide the best nutrition possible. Not only that but they run a side hustle where you can sell their products and take a cut of profits.. kinda like a fitness Avon representative.

However there have been multiple claims that their products, although incredibly tasty, can cause long term health problems as well the company convincing people they no longer need to take certain medications because their products will do the same thing, for example insulin users.

Not only that but the company itself has a bad reputation, whenever we've told people that we work with them it's not uncommon for people to cringe or ask why we would partner with a brand with that image.

Why we've decided to cut ties


Yoh! Cole here to answer this question! Okay so we decided to cut ties with Herbalife purely because we kept calling it Nutralife for some reason haha!

I kid I kid, thats not the reason. The real reason is the thing that sold us on the company and the aspect we adored about it was the community. The guys at the Cardiff Nutrition Club are some of the nicest people you will meet and they will always give you their time to help with your health and fitness. It was this aspect we wanted to work with.

Upon our decision to leave we reached out to our coach and friend to ask him if he ran any other fitness type thing outside of Herbalife, so we could partner with that instead. Unfortunately he said he doesn't but Cardiff Nutrition Club is it's own business and not directly tied with Herbalife, thus why we have chosen to support that instead.

As April previously said we had a lot of negative feedback when telling folk we worked with Herbalife. The biggest criticism came from an absolute fantastic human we very much respect who saw it and said "This doesn't suit your budget friendly travel vibes at all" that simple comment really got us thinking and we realised it to be true. April and I will always show you guys our best and most budget friendly way to do the stuff we do, and a massive organisation like Herbalife just doesn't portray that.

Although we're cutting ties with Herbalife we'll still be working with Cardiff Nutrition club which provides the community aspect we loved from Herbalife. Because of this you may still see the Herbalife branding in some of our photos.. it doesn't mean we're back with them, they're just either old photos or being used to promote the local nutrition club. We have a big old back log of photos so this is probably going to happen quite a lot ;)


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Cole and April 



All photo credits to the talented human: Snoozphotography