Our Anniversary

Sup Fellas (and Lady Fellas)

Cole here with a little tale of what April and I got up to for our two year anniversary!

So let’s jump right into it with day one of a three day celebration!



So after a hard working week, April and I woke up on Tuesday morning to enjoy a relaxing sleep in together. We got some coffee and watched some of our fave TV show (Zoey101) on the sofa.

We then got ready and set off!

First stop was picking up our friends Geri and Katie to go bouncing on the trampolines. We got to the park and the lovely chap behind the counter gave us all student discount! Meaning our £20 entry was now only £12… CLASS! He then told us that because the park is so empty we had no time restraint… meaning our 1 hour session became 3.5 hours! EVEN MORE CLASS!

We played games, bounced for hours and had an absolute BLASTY BLAST!


Afterwords we went to subway before heading home.

Once we got home April and I both locked ourselves in separate rooms and began working on each others presents.


Woke up. Sofa. Zoey101. Coffee. Standard.

It was time to open presents! April led me to the Creative Space Room and upon opening my eyes I saw this massive board that looked like a detectives suspect board. Loads of text, images and string between things. Upon closer inspection I learnt that it was in fact a stalker map of every location that has significant value and memories in April and My relationship. Proper cute stuff! I then opened up my Birthday present. (yeah it was my b-day too but shhhh we don’t talk about that) which was an absolute class pair of Marley headphones <3

Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 18.09.35.png
Screenshot 2019-01-18 at 18.03.59.png

I then took April to the office where I had set up her gift. I used a VR helicopter simulator to blindfold her and while she sat in the room playing with it I set up a toy helicopter flying from the roof with a big heart attached. On the Heart was a photo montage of all the images of us together, as well as a helicopter flight experience in a city near us. Pretty fun idea and we are both buzzing to do it!


After the gift exchange we went to town to get the day moving. We started by dropping off the next line of OVApparel to be created, then grabbed ourselves some free coffee. Shortly after; we checked into the hotel we are staying in that night and set off to get some food. We were going to head to a vegan cafe to try their curry but stumbled across a beautiful sign advertising a “Bacon, Cheese and BBQ burger with fries and a coke for £4” …. Legit some of the best food I’ve had in a while! CAW! WHAT A BURGER!

After lunch we went a wander round town before deciding to play some mini golf. Our lucky day it seemed as there was a 2 for 1 offer. Meaning we paid less and got to play way more! At the end of the golf there was a chance to win a prize, ya boy won and got another free round of mini golf! We then filled out a survey to claim two free soft drinks and as we were celebrating we decided to buy some cake… which the girl behind the counter gave us for free too! HAPPY DAYS!

After enjoying loads of freebies we went back to the hotel, got ready and HIT THE TOWN!

We got pretty drunk and had a blast dancing together and just enjoying every moment.



We awoke with barely a hangover despite how much we drank and how late we stayed up. We got ready and left. We decided to hit up my work for some free coffees before having a wander round some charity shops, nice and chill. Finally we used my free guest passes to go enjoy the spa and jacuzzi in town. Feeling super relaxed and refreshed we went to the cinema with our friend Olli to see the new Spiderman Film (its awesome btw) Then finally headed home to unwind before starting back the working week.

It has been a truly amazing time with so many freebies!

It’s little days like those that make me truly appreciate everything I have and everyone I know.

(side note: my mate Olli got me more parts to the board game I play and I got myself Treasure Planet and my fave cafe in town treated me to this monster! A WAFFLE POP! 10/10 will eat again!


Thanks so much for reading! I know this isn’t a typical style of blog we do, but sometimes it’s nice just to share more intimate parts of our lives!

Feel free to comment absolutely anything! We love feedback haha!

Until Next time, Peace in <3