WTF is going on with OurVibes These days anyway?

Sup fellas! (and lady fellas) Cole here with a blog post kinda just filling you in on life.

So, as I’m sure you have noticed we simply don’t post often… here or anywhere. I’d like to be like “That’s because we’re preparing this major thing for you guys blah blah blah” but the simple truth is, we are doing a lot more for ourselves, and less for OurVibes.


It’s very true that we have stayed put for a while now, and the truth is we will be staying put for a while longer too. OVApparel started after we had gone backpacking and really grasped the market for those who want to travel in comfort, but be stylish about it in a budget way. We are currently doing stuff offline, behind the scenes to grow OVA before we set off again.

Setting off again for us wont be like last time. When we backpacked through Europe we moved so fast and blew through our money, coming back to a new location to set up base while leaving everything we had in Scotland. This time we want to set off with something to come back to when the travels are done. We also want to spend far more time in each location, exploring and appreciating every moment.


Well, we’re not sure. It would be easy to say we will continue to post all the time on here or Insta but the reality is April and I have a lot more going on than just OurVibes and OVA. It was the same reason we stopped the Patreon and taking payments from anyone. To say the future of all things OurVibes is set in stone would be wrong. It will continue in some way as it always has. OurVibes is April and Myself. It changes and adapts as we grow and change. Let’s not forget it started as a relationship advice video series and somehow became a clothing line?!?!?!

So, What have you guys been up to?

Well, Once we got back from Amsterdam we had a few changes to make in our lives. For one, we turned our house into a home and made it feel more cosy. We realised that we had yet to commit to setting up a base, so we bought plants, redecorated and made it a touch more welcoming.

That was when we decided to start having couch surfers stay with us. So far we have met some truly awesome people and had some really great evenings chatting with new friends.

April cut her hair and we spent a lot more quality time together, making the effort to go on more little adventures locally and really making the most out of our time here. We have been doing everything from reaching summits to going on helicopter rides! It has been a blast!

April and I also began new fitness journeys. We have both made new commitments and have been working hard to achieve new goals!

The final new thing to note is the newest addition to our family. Ashia HamHam from the Hammy Ham Empire! Yup, April and I got a pet hamster and he is way cooler than yours! We love this little guy and he has brought nothing but pure joy to us from the moment we brought him home <3


That’s it really. We are really focused on enjoying every moment of our lives here and appreciating everything we do have, instead of what we don’t. We have some seriously ambitious goals in terms of projects, fitness and OVA. But we will (potentially) keep you posted with it all.

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this. I know we have become way less reliable for regular content, but sometimes you gotta spend a bit more time living in the real world than online. A lesson that really hit home lately.

To conclude with a quote from a martial artist whom is a lovely chap that visits my cafe
”Taking things slow may feel like theres no progress being made, but there is… and you get to look left and right enjoying the view while you do it”

Until next time, Peace In <3