The TRUE cost of achieving your dreams!

SUP FELLAS! and lady fellas!

Cole here with a tasty new blog! Today we are diving deep into what it ACTUALLY costs to achieve your dreams!… and the toll ain’t cheap.

Financial side

So no matter your dream the chances are there are some financial stipulations that make it slightly challenging to complete. “But Cole, my dream is to do nothing. so how can that cost money?”

Well dear reader, allow me to break down some of the costs of that, and the costs you will find attached to any dream.

  1. The cost of starting up

So you have this fabby idea to open your own cafe… or sell your new invention… or become a famous musician… or be an astronaut… No matter the idea there will usually be some kind of start up cost such as an education or study material. Maybe it’s buying the products you are going to sell on or materials to create your own product. Either way, there’s costs.

2. The cost of gear

So this one is pretty similar to the first point as it could be considered a start up cost. A good example of this point would be if you wanted to be a photographer, so you start off with a basic camera to get simple jobs. In order to grow and achieve your dream of doing it full time you will need to constantly be upgrading your kit and getting the best possible results. With a lot of businesses and dreams there is usually something you will need to buy to help you grow and keep on top.

My First Cameras I used to Film Weddings

My First Cameras I used to Film Weddings

3. The cost of bills

So I hear you saying “Cole, I already have EVERYTHING I need to start building my dreams… So what costs could I possibly have?”

…….. Fellas gotta eat, right? You could be all set or maybe your dream is more skill based than something thats going to cost to do, but you still have bills to pay and a belly to fill with food. Sometimes the greatest cost is just living the day to day life and enjoying the luxuries like Netflix or the Gym… It all costs, and the money might not always be there for your dream right away.


So, we have talked about the financial cost of your dreams… but there are more costs that your dreams want you to pay, like the emotional ones.

  1. Grinding Like A Mofo

The sad reality is, unless you do the work you are unlikely to achieve. Nobody who became an astronaut had it handed to them by their wealthy parents. They had to LEARN how to become one and WORK towards it. No matter what you want to do, the chances are you are going to have to work your ass off to get it. And once you do, you’re going to have to keep grinding to keep it.

2. Having too much to do.

This is one I struggle with. For me I tend to find I don’t just have one single dream or goal, but many. Deciding what takes priority is often a struggle and some days certain ideas seem better than others. This usually means I am working on multiple things at once and making it a lot harder on myself.

“But Cole, Just pick one and go for it” … Oh dear reader… I feel like you missed my last blog -> READ ME

3. Getting Enough Sleep and Rest

When your mind is going 100mph it’s super hard to slow down and appreciate when it is time to chill, but being able to switch off the grind and relax is like, SUPER important for your mental health and also for the sake of your dream. Not getting enough rest and good nights sleep make you feel poorly, which usually creates a negative feeling towards the dream as it’s there to blame. Don’t get me wrong there are some times where you will have to work late, or miss out on some Z’s to put in the extra work, But never forget to reward yourself for that and take valuable time to reset.

“A fool sleeps when he has to, a wise man sleeps when he can”

“A fool sleeps when he has to, a wise man sleeps when he can”

“if a Lumberjack kept chopping trees without taking a break to sharpen his axe, he would become exhausted and the blade would go blunt” - Quote from someone I can’t remember about grinding too hard with no rest.

4. Maintaining A Good Healthy Lifestyle.

So the fourth emotional cost is your lifestyle. Sometimes achieving your dreams might cause you to miss the odd meal or be too mentally exhausted to even consider going a 5k run. It’s normal to question how you can find the time to cook nice meals or exercise when you work so much. But I actually think this is the easiest one to tackle.

Buy fresh food and meal prep. You can actually save money and eat right if you set aside a budget for food, and buy all the right fresh ingredients. It’s super easy to find recipes that are fast and healthy, and if you make enough of it you can cover yourself for lunches and snacks for days to come. Would you be interested to read a blog of how April and I always eat fresh meals and meal prep to a strict budget of just £20 - £30 a week?

Maintaining a good active lifestyle is the next thing. If your dream has you sat in an office or at a desk for long periods of time then you are going to need to make sure you are being active. The best time for excise in my opinion is first thing in the morning. Wake your body up with some stretches then get yourself one of many workout apps that you can do at home. It’s a great way to start the day and really puts you in a positive mindset to tackle the day ahead!


So we have looked at the financial cost, and the mental cost of working towards your dreams, but did you know about the social costs too? Let’s take a look!

1. Doubters and Haters

It sounds horrible but the sad reality is you are always going to have SOMEONE doubt you. It might be a friend, your parents, a teacher, a complete stranger or maybe yourself. In every dream there is someone who will give you doubt, especially if your dream is in the creative fields. I couldn’t begin to tell you how much doubt and hate I got making daft films as a kid telling folk I’d make it big in the movie scene one day. But regardless of what anyone says, you do you.

2. Not Having Nice Things

Are your friends walking around with the nicest phones and clothes but you are there with the same jeans you owned since you were 12? Sometimes you have to miss out on the excitement of new stuff and trips away because the money you make has to go back into the business. It’s a harsh reality April and I know all too well.

3. Missing that UNI Lifestyle

Depending on what you choose to do you may miss out on that constant partying at night and studying during the day lifestyle. For April and I, neither of us got to live off student loans and experience the student housing and friend groups that come with UNI. April and I both chose to try and achieve our dreams outside of the education system. I chose not to go to UNI to study film and instead tried to gain experience with film companies. April done with same with acting work.

4. Missing out on time with friends.

The final cost (I can think of) and the one that hurts the most in my opinion is having people in your life you love, and not being able to see them whenever you want. It truly sucks when your friends are going on a trip, or a night out, or to the cinema, but you can’t join in because of a lack of money or time. Sometimes working towards a dream while having a job to pay bills makes it feel like you never stop, and can never make time for anyone.

Try to make time and schedule your friends in. It’s super important to spend time with people who want you around. It does wonders for your brain! Trust me on that one!

Screenshot 2019-07-23 at 09.55.50.png

That’s all I got for today folks! Working towards a dream isn’t easy in the slightest. But don’t stop, never give up, and if your dream changes as you grow… then adapt and change with it, but never stop! You got this and I believe in you!

Let me know in the comments what your dream is? What are you working towards??

My dream? Well, my dream is for my ONLY stress in life, to be what drink to have with dinner. If I can get to that point where that’s all I have to worry about… Then I’ll be one happy chilled out fella.

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Until Next time, Peace in <3

[Edit note: As I went to publish this blog I spoke to an absolute LOVELY individual in the cafe who took interest in what I was writing about. She shared some wisdom with me and we talked about this subject. She brought up an amazing point that sometimes the environment you are in has a massive impact and implications on your dream. And sometimes in order to achieve what you want in life you may have to change that environment. Amazing words from a beautiful soul! Makes me grateful for the environment I am in now]