Sup fellas, and lady fellas!

Today I want to talk to you a bit about what it means to slow down.. and why it’s so important.


In todays online world, hustling and working until you are burnt out are very glorified as “It’s the only way to get results” Which just isn’t true. You can take things slow and still get results, and for the sake of your own health and mental wellbeing I highly suggest you consider.

It may seem counter productive to take it easy and not grind until you burn out. But wouldn’t you rather reach the end of your project with a healthy lifestyle and mind… than filled with resentment towards your finished work or business because it made you feel so poorly.

Lately I’ve been stuck in this unhealthy cycle of riding a super high wave of positivity, then getting completely wiped out by a negative wave that follows. Every time the bad wave hits I keep wanting to do these over the top extravagant ideas like buying a yacht or investing thousands into a business. With each bad wave that hits the desires get bigger and bigger.


Well my friend, because in life you need to slow things down. step back and look at the whole and bigger picture.

“Life moves pretty fast, if you don’t stop to look around once in a while, you could miss it” - Ferris Beuller

The martial arts class I go to taught me something very early on that, the more I learn about all martial arts, the more this crops up. I was told on my first day “Beginners must not use force” Which at first I was just assuming it was to do with not being skilled enough to control said force. I quickly learned it is to do with understanding and learning the correct technique, control and foundations for you to then be able to apply force correctly.

The more I understood this principal the more I learned it applies to much more than just martial arts, but to life as well. In order for something to grow and be strong, the correct foundations need to be in place. If you feel like you need a massive change in your life (the way I do) then you can’t really force a situation and expect it to just work out. Instead, set up some foundations of things that could cause a dramatic change later, work on those roots and grow them into something. And if the massive change is something like wanting to move country or change career, then make the small, controlled changes in order to change direction gradually.

If the titanic had spotted the iceberg sooner and made that small movement waaay in advance.. it wouldn’t have tried to do a last minute forced turn and smash into it. Food for thought.


Yeah, I’ve no doubt.. we DO live in a materialistic world after all. Where the majority of people want nice things. There is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s nice to have nice things and it does feel good when you can finally afford nice things, or do fun things.

A good way to not get caught up in the desire for more, is to appreciate what you already have. I often find myself wanting the next big thing and wanting to buy nicer things than I already have. So I often like to take the time to remind myself of all the wonderful things I currently have, and also how far I have come in achieving the things I have already done.

TASK: Make yourself a cup of tea or coffee, switch your phone off or put it away. Take 15 minutes to really sit and enjoy the beverage while noting down and thinking about 10 things in your life you are truly grateful for.

Here are mine

  1. My wonderful Mrs - April is my rock and never ever fails to make me smile. She is my light in the dark and always supports me. Imma wife her.

  2. My home - I am so fortunate to have a lovely warm home, something a lot of people take for granted considering how many homeless people there are. I really appreciate that I get to live in a safe environment.

  3. My Friends - Though they may come and go at different stages in life, I am always grateful to be around loving and caring people who share interest with me and will listen to me when I need some support or advice. I am also grateful I get the chance to be there for them too.

  4. My health - Something I 100% took for granted until recently. I am so lucky to be healthy enough to work and to strive towards things and goals I want to do.

  5. My Diet - I am always so thankful and appreciative that I get to eat nice food each night, and that I get to have 3 full meals a day.

  6. To have an income - As much as people bitch about their jobs from time to time. The ability to work and should never be taken for granted. It is being employed that grants us the chance to do more with our lives and to keep us in nice homes and eating good food. I am so thankful to have work.

  7. Martial Arts - Something I used to pretend I done, and now do very seriously. It has taught me how to be a better human as well as giving me new skills with each class. So thankful to my Sifu.

  8. Parkour - Learning parkour opened up so many doors for me and made me so many new friends and connections. Something I am eternally grateful for.

  9. Travel - To have a nice home and food is one thing, but to be able to travel and see this beautiful world we live in is something else, and something not everyone gets to do. My memories of travels and plans of future trips always inspire me and help me feel alive and free.

  10. Family - What is life without family. Although mine has been pretty messed up it’s still nice to know there will always be people there who will never see you struggle.

Screenshot 2019-07-10 at 00.07.51.png

Thats 10 things I am truly thankful for. Having these things always reminds me how much I DO have and now little I NEED anything else. reminding myself of these things keeps me humble, and reminds me to slow down, take it easy and work at a healthy pace towards the things I want.

Thanks for reading, I hope you have your lists and use them as reminders to slow down and work on the roots. As a chap from my class said “You are trying to grow pretty petals without giving any attention to the roots, focus on the roots and the flowers will grow naturally” He was referring to fighting believe it or not.

Thats all from me today!

Thanks for reading!