5 Lessons I've Learned From Movies

Sup Fellas, and lady fellas! Cole here with a new shiny blog post for ya!

Today I wana talk to you about five life lessons I’ve learned from some of my fave films!

Lately I’ve been watching back some of my fave movies and it’s got me remembering some of the lessons I’d forgotten! So I figured I’d share them with you!

Without further delay, let’s get crackin!


Now for those of you who are not familiar, Serenity is from the maker of Buffy the Vampire slayer and based on the HIT TV SHOW!!!!!!! Firefly! Firefly unfortunately got canceled after its first season because Fox sucks, and ever since it has only grown in popularity. To this day the community of Browncoats (firefly fans) has only grown and grown. After Firefly was unfairly canceled (I’m still bitter) the fans rallied together and gained enough funding and support for them to create the feature film Serenity. One of the quotes in the show is “We done the impossible, and that makes us mighty” A slogan proudly said when the creator of a canceled show then gets to make the feature film.

Although Firefly has many life lessons and moments, the overall lesson it has taught me in life is to follow my own path, and to never be bound by the restrictions of others. To be free… a leaf on the wind.

The quote that reminds me of this is “just because you’re on the loosing side, doesn’t always mean it’s the wrong one”

#2 IP MAN 2

Now it may go without saying why I love the Ip Man movies. After all I study Wing Chun myself and am a massive Donnie Yen fan! But Ip Man 2 holds a special place in my heart as the emotional connections and real elements of the film really get to me. (for those of you who have seen it, I know the fish stall scene is awful) What I’m referring to is Ip Mans connection to the other master, how they grow together and respect each other. Their connection in relation to the final fight scene of the film passes on a message I have grown to love.

CAUTION - This part is very spoiler heavy so be warned, it will ruin the film.

Ip Man faces off against the films antagonist and although he nearly takes a loss, wins with the help of some of the techniques he learned watching his new found friend… or ex friend… he dies in the film. sorry. spoilers. I did warn you though… When Ip Man wins against an opponent who believes that Chinese martial arts is useless. Ip Man makes it clear, his feelings towards this. I’ve linked a video to this scene so you can see the lesson for yourself. It’s something I believe and has stuck with me, that we all have the same level of dignity in life, even if we have different status.

NOTE: If you cant be bothered watching the full fight, skip to the last few minutes and wait for the english translator.

#3 Never Back Down

Never back down is your classic underdog story about a guy who has no interest in fighting but gets forced into it at school by the films antagonist. He then trains at a gym that forbids fighting outside the class. The film has a few good messages along side some truly badass fight scenes. One lesson it talks about is the shield of Achilles. How it symbolises another solution to war. “He’s fighting, so he does not have to fight again” However that is not the lesson I took away from this film. Instead It taught me that you should always act on situations, as doing nothing has consequences too.

NOTE: Video is poor quality but you can hear the conversation nice and clear.

#4 Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

This film man, this freaking beautiful film! If there was ever a movie that gave you the warm fuzzies, it’s this. Basically Ben Stiller is living this mundane life at the same crappy desk job day in and day out. Then one day the shit hits the fan and he’s forced out of his imagination and into a life of adventure, where he discovers himself.

I don’t really have a quote for this film that stuck with me, but the overall message that you can’t get the most out of life by day dreaming it, you have to go live it, Is a constant message I remind myself of.

#5 We are Your Friends

The final one on my list is this absolute class film starring the heart throb Zack Efron. He plays a local DJ in a crummy town with dreams of making it big. It’s a class indie film with an awesome cast and story.

The message I always get from this film is to strive for what you love. To work hard and chase that dream no matter what!

There you have it folks! Some of the thing’s I’ve learned from watching films!

All the ones above are personal favourites of mine. Check em out and be sure to let me know your thoughts on them in the comments below.

What are some of your favourite films and things you have learned watching them????

Until next time

Peace in x