Before we made a penny online

Sup, Cole here. So HOPEFULLY, by the time you are reading this blog myself and Beeha are now earning the majority of our money online. But it wasn't always this way.

Edit note: Its now 2019, This was started in 2017 … we currently DO NOT earn the majority of our money online… but we do earn online..

April and I had to push a lot and sacrifice even more to get to where we are now.

Edit note: Not quite where we want to be just yet, but getting there.


In order to save up the money to allow us to travel and move we both had to give up the comfort of the cafe's we loved and move into full time jobs.

April spends 5 days a week wandering the streets trying to sign people up to charity (it's one of the good charities though, y'know, the ones that don't steal profits) and I go round coffee shops trying to sell them coffee 5 days a week.



In order to downsize and make moving easier April and I collected ALL of our unwanted crap together and took it to a car boot sale.

The boot sale was £8 entry and the breakfast we had was £6. We hoped that we would make enough money to just cover this. We were blown away with what happened, our stall got SWAMPED and we sold 90% of our stuff in the first 10 minutes! It was MENTAL!


We ended up making £150 from the boot sale so we were insanely happy! Anything left over we took to the local charity shop.


From there we went home and started taking pictures of the more expensive stuff that we plan to sell online. If we can make another £150 we would be over the moon.


So it’s been a few years and I wanted to revisit this draft blog post.

We did end up making around £3,000 before setting off on our travels!

Anyway, that was then, this is now…

the goal was to be earning all of our income online and be fully self sufficient. Sadly reality is harder than that.

While travelling we were able to earn some online money through running a businesses social media accounts. Once we got back to wales however life got tough and we had to start completely from scratch. We had to find a home and jobs, then we had to furnish said house and build a life for ourselves here in Wales.

While doing all this we transitioned a lot with OurVibes, it changed and grew along with us until it eventually became a clothing line. That is one of the main ways we earn online as well as through patreon, which we do a weekly podcast and post all kinds of nifty things on. If you would like to support that you can simply click here.

Screenshot 2019-07-14 at 16.13.40.png

Another fun avenue of income is flipping. Basically you go to car boot sales and buy other peoples junk for buttons, then sell it online for much more than you paid. April and I love doing this as it is super fun to rummage and find little gems, then to earn a decent amount of money from it! If you haven’t done it before, we highly recommend it!

Earning money online is a lot tougher than it seems especially when your personality makes you try new things. I have always been the kind of person to want to try everything and so I find I am never developing a certain skill or business for too long before something new happens. As much as this can be a good thing as I do have a vast skill set, nothing I have is developed enough to be monetizable.

But Cole, who even cares if you earn money online or have a job? what difference does it make?

Well oh-wonderful reader, having worked for myself before I can tell you straight there is no better feeling than grinding hard doing what you love, and not answering to anyone. On the reverse side of that there is no real financial stability when you start out (unless you are super lucky) so there are pros and cons to both.

To be able to earn all of our income online would enable April and Myself to be able to travel and work on the move, instead of being bound to the one location where we currently are. All April and I want in this life is to travel, so the best way for us to do that is to be financially stable from the money we earn online.

Screenshot 2019-07-14 at 16.17.42.png


To summarise, making the decision to sell everything we had and to set off travelling was one of the hardest things we ever done. It is both physically and mentally draining.

Having to work a normal job and spend loads of time apart makes being free and being together all the more rewarding. Hence why we want to earn for ourselves so we can travel and spend more quality time together.

If you want to earn the majority of your income online id suggest finding the thing you are good at and learning how to earn from it. So maybe you are amazing at painting, perhaps sell painting courses and original artwork online. Maybe its music that you could teach or supply music to video creators. Whatever your skill, there are ways to earn a full time living doing it online. You just have to work WAYYYY HARD to get to that point.

But I believe in you!

Until next time (when hopefully we are earning more online) Peace In!