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It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! Our brand new travel series inspired by real travellers.. you guys! April checking in and I’ve been a busy little bee the past few months! I’ve been contacting fellow wanderers through Instagram, creating a community of travellers who want to share their stories with you. When Cole and me first decided to go travelling so many people we told gave us the same response, “I wish I could do that..” or "You’re so brave!”, I wanted to create this series to show people that you’re only ever one step away from taking the plunge to go travelling. This is a place where you’ll find advice as well as other travellers experiences through our interviews with them. If travelling is something you're passionate about then read on and perhaps we can persuade you that this is the life for you!


Get Lost!

The first person we’re getting lost with is a good friend of ours Heidi. We met her when we were doing Our European Adventure while in Brussels and since then keep in contact with her through Instagram.

I think she's amazing, from the first moment I met her I wanted to be her friend as she had so many stories to share about her travels and such an interesting background. She’s the type of person who radiates warmth and is just great fun to be around..

Anyway before i get carried away let’s jump into it!

Who Are You?!

“I’m Heidi, 28y day care nurse / dancer / wanderlust for life”


Heidi does a lot of Bollywood and oriental dancing, some of the outfits she gets to wear while she's doing shows are incredible!

Where Are You Now, Where Are You Going?


She was born and raised in Helsinki, which is the stunning capital city of Finland “(a.k.a. Russia’s wacky neighbour)and still remain here against my will. For now.”

What Would You Be Doing if You Weren't Travelling?

“I don’t know what that means *laughing* God, I would probably be extremely depressed while living a bored, meaningless life.”


Heidi’s response was very much the same as mine and probably many other travellers. The travel bug can very quickly take over your life becoming the one thing that’s a constant. Without it you feel lost, ordinary, having to pick up a ‘real job’ can be one of the hardest things to do between adventures. (believe me, I’m speaking from experience here)

What Made You First Want to Travel?

“According to my mother, I’ve been a wanderlust since birth. I was always going on adventures, and dreamed of seeing the world beyond the horizon. As a child I was hooked on stories about the ancient Egypt and Greece, and when Disney started bringing more heroines from different ethnic backgrounds into their movies, there was no turning back.My family couldn’t afford to travel much, not that nobody was interested in traveling anywhere anyway. Once or twice a year we would take the cruise ships to Estonia or Sweden, but that was never enough for me. So, when I turned 18, I went to work, saved some money and just randomly booked flight tickets whenever I felt like heading somewhere. And what I learned about those different countries and cultures was more eye-opening than any text book or Wikipedia page could ever show me.As Gandalf said in the The Hobbit: “The world is not in your maps and books. It is out there.””


Facing new adventures on your own must be pretty scary especially when you’re first starting out?

“Despite my family warning me about the dangers of other countries, i was always confident I would be fine. I was never afraid, i was always enthusiastic to take off - with the ‘yolo’ attitude of course! I guess you can say that curiosity wins that fear of the unknown.”

I know when I first started travelling the idea of being lost and on my own terrified me, so what tips do you have for solo travellers who feel the same way?

“It’s ok to be afraid, it’s our natural, primal instinct to something we don’t know. Ask yourself what exactly is it that makes you worried about leaving, and find a way to overcome that worry. As long as you have that confidence in yourself and your own strength, you’ll be find.”


Great advice! people seem to think when you’re a solo traveller that means you have to stay on your own but you don’t. Everywhere has hubs of travellers just like you who might be scared to be travelling on their own. It’s easy to connect to other travellers in your area online or even activities in hostels is a great way to meet people. Yes you have to make the first step by adventuring out on your own but once you’re out there you’ll make great new friends who may even travel part of your journey with you.

Obviously Travelling (especially backpacking) Can Be Quite Full On, So What’s Your Idea of The Perfect Day?

“Sleeping in late, having a slow, healthy breakfast and going out hiking into the woods. Meeting my friends, gossip and share life-wisdoms. Spending the evenings just going to dance practices, writing my novels (read: fanfictions), being generally creative, and watch the stars in the night sky with a cup of hot tea, enjoying the silence.”

We asked Heidi what inspires her and she told us that she is constantly inspired by creative people, people who work hard to make the world a happier place.. a concept which I think we can all look up to. “I’ve got a bit of a hippie-spirit within me, I believe with love and understanding we can achieve wonderful things together.”

Now this is probably the biggest question for all those reading this blog in the hopes of finding inspiration to start travelling..

What advice do you have for aspiring travellers?

“My number one advice for any traveler is… do the background research! Especially if you are heading somewhere, where the culture is so much different than yours. For example, I’ve seen some western travellers who have made the mistake of traveling to Asia or Middle-East expecting they can just do the typical western things (drinking, bikini-clothing, public sex with strangers… you name it), which eventually comes knocking them in their faces. By doing the research you’ll be showing the locals your respect towards their culture, and guarantees you more stress-free exploring.And health insurance, I beg of you, get the health insurance! Lost luggage you can handle (you can always buy new cloths and toothbrushes), but when you get the fever or stomach flu, you don’t wanna end up paying hospital bills worth hundreds of dollars. And always remember: some people will say you are brave wanting to head out to the world, some will say you are foolish to go out there, where danger lurks at every corner. But hey, you can die at home as well, either by slipping on soap in the shower, or getting hit by a car. Life is for the living, so always listen to your heart and follow your dreams :)”


Couldn't agree more!

you can find Heidi on Instagram @prinessnemesis where she posts her daily shenanigans - go and follow her and send her some love!

'“I’ve also got a blog I used to write when I was in Belgium, which will be updated again this weekend:

A massive thank you to Heidi for sharing her experiences and advice with us, and for being the first traveller to step up to the hot seat for an interview!

I hope you all enjoyed the first of the GET LOST series, let us know your thoughts in the comments down below

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P.S Who else has the travel bug as bad as us?