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It's April here, back again to tell you to GET LOST! Last time we spoke to Heidi, and got an insight into what it's like to be a solo traveller - Check that out here! Travel with Heidi

If you're new around here, but you can't be bothered reading the last one (I get it, I'm lazy too!) GET LOST is a series all about you! We've scoured the internet and found a collection of travellers who want to share their stories, giving advice, tips and proving that you're only ever one step away from living the travel lifestyle.


Today we're getting lost with Will Taylor! A down to Earth guy from Oxford who's currently travelled through 36 countries! I stumbled across his account and was blown away by his photography of abandoned places and just had to get in touch. Urban exploring is something both Cole and me completely love, to the point where we would watch hour long videos of people walking around abandoned locations on Youtube. So when I saw that Will was an urban explorer traveller I knew that he had to feature on this series!


So without building anymore hype, lets jump into it!

Who Are You?

I'm Will Taylor, I'm from Oxford, England.

Where Are You Now? Where Are You Going?


Will told us that he was currently travelling North through Vietnam. Residing at the moment in the beautiful capital city, Hanoi. (Since Writing this Will has made his way to Crete where he is currently living.)

What First Made You Want To Travel?

‘I wanted to travel to meet amazing people and to experience new cultures, as well as explore places and landscapes you simply can't find anywhere in England!’

Having travelled through 36 countries you must have seen some pretty amazing places. What would you say is the coolest place you've ever explored?

‘hmm Probably the cloud forest of Honduras, just stunning scenery and wildlife.’


(I wasn't entirely sure where this was so I gave it a google and OH MY GOD this place is so damn pretty!)

So what would you say is a perfect day for you?

‘A perfect day for me is to meet a random group of people in the morning and end up exploring a new place together with them. There is something so unique about experiencing a new place with people you have just met a few hours ago that you just can't get unless you travel.’


I think this is probably one of my favourite things about the travel lifestyle. You get to meet so many like minded people that after only a few hours you feel like you've known them a lifetime! Traveling is such a great way to meet new people and make life long bonds, which reminds me Cole wrote a blog post about that very thing! How to make and lose friends.

What Inspires you?

‘I'm inspired by the stories other travellers tell me about their own adventures! Hearing a person rave about a cool place they went to makes me feel like I need to experience it for myself.’

The point of this series is to give advice and inspire those who feel they 'can't' travel to break out their comfort zone and give it a go!

So to wrap this up give us your final words of wisdom for the wanna be travellers out there.

‘My advice would be to get weird with your travels - getting off the beaten track can often be the most fun, rewarding and usually cheaper option too.’


(plus you get to see the beautiful places that only the locals know about ;)) 

If you want to see some of the amazing places Will is travelling to you can keep up with his adventures on his Instagram account; the.oxford.traveller. Trust me his account is worth a visit! 

A huge thank you to Will for taking the time to do an interview with us and also patiently waiting for it to be released!

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April and Cole...

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old school OurVibes

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P.S Any other urban explore travellers out there? We would love to hear your story in the comments down below :)