The Grind Generation

Yo! April here and this is something I’ve wanted to talk about for aaaaaages! And for some reason I chose to write it today, feeling ill almost as if my brain is pouring out my ears… But I’m sure it will all make sense and if it doesn’t; leave me alone I’m ill!

So you may or may not have been subjected to this way of life -

Grind hard or your business will fail, you’ll never work for yourself and no one will respect you..

You have huge influencers pumping out content about waking up at 5am to seize the day and staying up all night because sleep is for the weak! These people seemingly glorifying working yourself to exhaustion.

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Being one of the people who latched onto this idea I just want to say I know how easy it is to get drawn into this way of life. Feeling like you’re letting yourself down if you don’t work as hard as these people and equally believing there’s no way to balance life and work if you want to be a success. It doesn’t take a genius to realise that you can’t keep up this way of life for long.

Before our big revaluation in Amsterdam Cole and I had both fallen pray to the ‘Grind mentality’, I was putting my body through physical beatings at the gym to see results quickly, both of us working full time jobs as well as spending every other minute working on OurVibes. We saw friends less and less and spent days off cooped up in the office sweating over analytics. In short we were fucking miserable and could feel ourselves heading towards burn out.

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The problem with this work hard culture we’re living in is we’ve all been conditioned to admire people who live the hustle hard life, giving praise to these people instead of voicing our concerns that potentially this isn’t the healthiest lifestyle to live. This makes it extremely difficult for people caught up in this vicious cycle of work to break out as not only do you feel as though you are letting yourself down but those around you down as well.

People admiring you for working hard is a difficult thing to walk away from…

Break the cycle

For myself and Cole we physically couldn’t do it anymore, we realised that life is incredibly precious and doesn’t last forever and we would much rather enjoy each and every day than spending months working in an office hoping to one day be successful.

Aaaand I guess that’s why I’m writing this blog post. To all those people out there glorifying working yourself to death or the people who are currently suck in that hustle hard mentality it doesn’t have to be this way.

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Life is all about balance and as much as it’s great to be passionate about your business, it doesn’t mean it should rule your life. Don’t feel guilty for needing a break or taking a step away from your work to hang out with friends, there’s no way you can keep up a consistent level of work when you don’t allow yourself to rest or sleep.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness lately and found it incredibly helpful to take time throughout the day to check in with myself. Ask yourself how you feel and assess that balance between work and play, accepting that maybe today you feel as though you need more of a break or maybe accepting that you have a lot to do so you’ll work most of the day instead. It’s all about balancing both sides and holding your personal happiness and wellbeing over your work load.

Be mindful, be passionate and yes do work hard but don’t punish yourself over it.

You might end up looking back at all that time you spent ‘grinding’ and realise just how much life you’ve missed out on living.

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Thanks for reading ya’ll! I’m hoping this makes sense and it’s not just a chaotic mash up of words!

Get out there and live life to the fullest! You deserve to have some fun!

See you in the next one when my brain is a more solid substance in my noggin.


April x