Learning The Acrostaff

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 18.22.36

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 18.22.36

Sup! Cole here with a fresh juicy blog post all about how I got into, acquired, and learned Acrostaff.

To Start with I'll talk briefly about my history with Bo-staff.

Way back when I was a kid my friends and I would make cheesy, awful martial art movies. My friends would always choose the sword as their weapon, so to keep things interesting I would always choose a staff. Over time I actually took an interest in it and my skills developed, though I never done much more with it than just my videos.

Fast forward a few years and I am in my late teens - early twenties when I began traveling to Wales, where I would catch a glimpse of my first Acro-Staff. While chilling in the park one day, I saw this amazing dude. Doing flips and tricks on such a cool looking staff. I was mesmerised and knew I had to be as good as this guy was.

I spent months after that day hunting online for his staff. Searching for things like "flippy stick" "bouncy staff" and "super twirly twirl stick". Regardless of what I searched, I couldn't seem to find it. Then one day a few months later I was scrolling endlessly through tumblr when I saw a gif of people using the staff. From there I learned its name and from there I began hunting for my own.



Now Other than a few rare sites online looking for HUNDREDS of pounds for one of these I had no luck tracking one down. Till one day, years later I was walking through Edinburgh in Scotland when I found an unusual shop. Upon entering I immediately saw the staff and freaked out. I asked the guy how much it was and sadly I couldn't afford it at the time, however I promised him I would return one day.

Fast forward half a year later and I finally had the money for it. I traveled all the way back up to Scotland and was super eager to go get it. I arrived at the shop to learn they had sold out as they only stock one at a time since they are hard to acquire, and it would have to be custom made. Disheartened I returned home and decided "F**k It" .... Yeah I did order an expensive one online and had it shipped to my house.

And now here we are. I am beginning this new chapter in my life where I master the Acrostaff and train myself to be acrobatic and skilled to the level of mastery. At this current stage I can only do two small motions and sit on the staff (which is actually my favourite thing to do haha)


There we have it, My quick introduction to Acrostaff. I am going to be using this as one of my main ways of keeping fit, so future blog posts will show the ways in which I train, as well as other forms of training that benefit the use of the staff. I'll be sharing the skills I learn, the training methods I practice and the products I use and consume to keep my health and fitness in check. I can't wait to share it with you!

Have you ever found something a touch unusual that sparked your interest and got you learning something new? If so let me know what it was and your process in the comments below! Lets get chattin!

Until next time! Peace in!