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Where is the Love?

I’m back and boy have I got a deep one for ya’ll today! We’re searching for the gold within ourselves that is love, learning the difference between our true self and the saboteur inside our heads. Sometimes I can be difficult to figure out if we’re listening to the angel or the devil on our shoulder so today I’ll help you distinguish the two and how to stop that inner saboteur from taking a hold.

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AFJ - Working out in Winter

Sticking to a daily work out routine is hard especially at winter time! Today I discuss how I’m getting through the winter months and sticking to my exercises even though all I really want to do is sit and eat my body weight in mince pies!

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April's Fitness Journey - Welcome to AFJ!

Welcome to the first post of my fitness journey! Today I'm discussing my intentions and thoughts and feelings going into this... Spoiler alert! I'm scared!

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