So as you know, OurVibes is our way of sharing our personal opinions and experiences in regards to Coffee, Fitness and Travel! But along the way we encounter others who either have a business or a vibe that we adore and wish to support. So we decided why not dedicate a whole page of our website to those people, and rep their brands through their merch! Below are those people who have inspired us,  or have supported us, or just have an absolute bangin message that we want to help them share!


Paradise forgotten was a new clothing brand that came out of America. The absolute chap behind it reached out to us through instagram and offered to send us some of his designs purely because he loved what we done and wanted to give us something to show that. Unfortunately it seems as though something has happened as his site and Insta are no longer active, but that doesn't mean we wont still show his work and support him should he make a return!


After meeting with the owner Liam, and spending ages in his shop just vibing and having a blast talking about loads of creative projects. We realised that he and his company are the kind of people we want to do more work with. The guys at OSA are just fantastic and deserve nothing but good vibes! So we are PROUD to rep their clothing and encourage you guys to check them out! Not only is their quality incredible, but the customer service, friendliness, support, and just general experience next level!


Cardiff Nutrition Club

Cardiff Nutrition Club is a company focused on nutrition and a healthier way to live. We met with one of its founders while at the gym and ended up attending a regular nutrition class. Needless to say we loved it! We took part in the 21 day challenge they do along with Herbalife and found that the aspect of the business we loved more than the products, was the community and support that comes with being a member. They are some of the best people we know and they will always give you their time to help you achieve whatever results you are after.


Ocean Outlaws is a new company that hasn't quite launched yet, however we wanted to be the first to share their message. Have you or anyone you know been told that the only way to live your life is to secure a 9-5 job, to get a house, to start a family, to save money, and thats it. Well the guys at Ocean Outlaws firmly believe that to be a bunch of BS! They spread the message that you CAN live your life your way. If you want to work one day a week and travel, or want to start your own crazy business or ideas that you CAN and you can live off it too. "Normality" isn't for everyone. Thats a vibe we can get behind!


Thanks for checking out this page and all the brands and companies that we truly love and adore! If you have a brand you think we would love please do let us know! We would be super keen to check them out! Equally if you have your own brand or clothing line and would like to collaborate please do get in touch below! (or drop us a cheeky Insta message!)

Peace In!